Daily Absences

It is a Ministry requirement to have a written or emailed explanation of a student’s absence in order for the correct attendance code to be assigned. Parents/caregivers should contact the school in the morning (either by phone or email) if their daughter is absent, stating the reason for her absence:


1.      Please call the absence line on 489 4169 and listen to the prompts, OR

2.      Email attendance@westlakegirls.school.nz or your daughter’s Form Teacher, remembering to give the reason for absence.


For parents/caregivers unable to email, a written note on the student’s return to school is expected and vital to good records.  Medical certificates are required for extended periods of absence, or if a student is unable to sit an NCEA internal assessment or examination.



Please make specialist and any other essential appointments at times which allow students to attend school for the majority of the day. We appreciate that occasionally emergency appointments need to be made at the last minute; however, parents should be aware that it is not always possible to find students in class promptly. Please endeavour to give the school as much notice as possible.


Signing in or out of school

Students must follow the correct procedures for signing in and out of school when arriving late, or leaving during the day for a bona fide appointment. Health and Safety is paramount in on site emergencies and records mean we keep track of students. Students must not text parents/caregivers to collect them from school without seeing a staff member and signing out.


Late Slips

Whenever any student arrives late to school for any reason (including medical appointments), a note or appointment card must be presented at the attendance office on arrival, to receive a yellow late slip.


Exeat Slips

Students needing to leave school early to attend an appointment must present their note or appointment card at the attendance office before school, or at Interval or lunchtime to receive a yellow exeat slip.


Students must sign out at reception when leaving the school grounds outside of normal school hours. Parents should also note that the school gates are shut for safety reasons between 2.50pm and 3.30pm.


Sick students

Students should not be sent to school when they are too unwell to function properly. We thank you for your support in anticipation.


Students who become sick, or injured, during school hours, must report to the Health Nurse. Only when a parent or caregiver has been contacted by the Nurse or administrative staff, will the student be released. Students are NOT to text parents/caregivers to collect them from school, without following the correct procedures.


Updated contact details are important

Please update your contact details regularly, so that we can make contact in an emergency.


Extended leave disadvantages students

Holidays and similar reasons are considered ‘unapproved leave’ and actively discouraged. Therefore, please avoid taking students for holidays or other non-approved reasons during term time. If the absence simply can’t be avoided, a written leave request is required by the Dean, who holds the appropriate Leave Form.