Absences & Emergencies
  • Emergencies

A sick or injured student must report to the health nurse and only when a parent or caregiver has been contacted by the nurse, will the student be released. Students should not text their parent or caregiver to collect them from school. Please inform the school office if you have a new emergency contact number.

  • Absences

Please call the absence line on 489 4169 and listen to the prompts.
If a student is going to be absent for several days we ask that parents follow up their initial telephone call and email the school. If a student has a dental or medical appointment during school time, an official appointment card and note must be presented to the Dean, or other administrative staff, before school, for a yellow exit slip. For leave for any other reason (e.g. overseas trips) students must take a letter from their parent(s) to the principal before leave will be granted.

  • Contacting the School

If parents are concerned about a student they should: Ring the school office on 489-4169 and give the students name and Form Teacher. You should then ask that the Form Teacher or Dean contact them or If the matter is serious ask to speak to the Guidance Counsellor, Assistant Principal, Deputy Principal or Principal.

  • Student I.D Cards ( Required by all students )

New students receive an Identification card at the beginning of the year.  New students joining the school during the year should bring a passport size photograph to hand into the main office. The I.D. card will allow access to the school library, and is a means of identification for students travelling on buses. Should an I.D. card be lost or stolen, please report it to the Front Office. The cost to update or replace a lost/stolen card is $5.00.