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Message From Principal

Westlake Girls High School has a significant profile on the North Shore and in Auckland, with many representatives at events in wide ranging disciplines. The Board of Trustees, through the Principal, expects full co-operation of all students and parents in maintaining a high standard of dress code in every situation.

Where To Buy

The online and onsite school uniform shop (The U-SHOP) are operated and managed by UNIFORM GROUP. Students and parents have the option of purchasing their uniform from the onsite uniform shop or by logging on to the online uniform shop. All online orders need to be collected from the schools’ onsite uniform shop during opening hours.

How To Buy Online

You will need your student ID number to login to your account, to view your online ordering account history, to view prices, and to purchase products online. Your ID number is your initial username and password, and then your password can be changed once you have logged in. For all ID number enquiries, please phone the school.

Go to to view All uniform items, Contact details, FAQ’s, Opening Hours, uniform News and Updates, Uniform Regulations, Payment Options, Exchanges and Returns, to download the current pricelist and to purchase your school uniform online.

House System

Since 2013, all new students are assigned to one of five school houses at Westlake Girls High School.
The houses are AKORANGA, HAURAKI, ONEWA, PUPUKE and WAIRAU. These are local geographical features on the North Shore and the students and staff voted to call the houses these names. Each house also has a colour assigned to it, relating to the meaning.

AKORANGA - meaning teaching and learning - (black)
HAURAKI - meaning warm north wind - (gold)
ONEWA - meaning burnt earth - (red)
PUPUKE - meaning lake - (blue)
WAIRAU - meaning deep water - (green)

We take several opportunities throughout the year to hold house competitions in a variety of school disciplines. We feel the House System assists students to feel a great connection to the school and part of a smaller family within the larger school. For any house based sports competitions, all juniors will now own a House Tee and wear this in any active, physical competition. Eventually every WGHS student will own a House Tee.

PE Uniform
From 2015, Year 9 wear House Tees (in their house colour) for PE, with black school shorts. There is one proviso (refer below).

*Uniform Phased in since 2012
We have advised students and parents that there would be a ‘full’ transformation into new school uniforms by 2015 - with all year levels in new uniforms. There is one proviso however - the WGHS BOT gave any existing families until the end of 2015, whose youngest daughter was in Year 10, in 2012. This offer therefore gave her four years (until end of Year 13) to wear her green uniform until she left the school.

*PE green uniform - phased out by end of 2014. However, in line with the above, it must be gone by the end of 2015. Parents whose older daughters had old uniform (including PE uniform) can have some flexibility with the PE uniform until the end of 2015 (as per the school uniform).

Please note: While Uniform Group is handling sales and web based communication etc, they simply can’t reach out to all parents who have gone to Trade Me or bought uniforms via other parents.

Second hand uniform items
Any second hand uniform items must be of a high quality please. If they are not considered acceptable, the Principal reserves the right to expect a replacement to bring them in line with school expectations.

Regulation Shoes

Quality black leather lace up shoes are available at the school uniform shop. For other options see the links below.
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