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Change of Bell Times on Tuesday 5 July

Our annual Open Night for students interested in attending WGHS in 2023, is being held on Tuesday 5 July. In order to set up for the event, there will be an early finish for current students. Please note that bus timetables will run to their usual schedules. The library will be open for students who need to wait for buses. The following bell times apply for Tuesday 5 July only:

There will be no form time. Each teaching period is about 5min shorter and lunchtime is 10min shorter.

8.45am            Period 1 warning bell
8.50am            Start of Period 1
9.45am            End of Period 1, start of Period 2
10.40am          End of Period 2, start of interval
11.00am          End of interval warning bell
11.05am          Start of Period 3
11.55am          End of Period 3, start of lunchtime
12.30pm          End of lunchtime warning bell
12.35pm          Start of Period 4
1.25pm            End of Period 4, start of Period 5
2.20pm            End of Period 5

Applications for enrolment in 2023 are OPEN

From 1 July, applications for enrolment to study in 2023 are open. CLICK HERE to find out more or to apply. As of Monday 4 July, we are experiencing issues with our enrolment programme. Please check back for updates.