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Partner Stories

Westlake Girls and Shakespeare Orthodontics

Getting our Teeth into an Amazing New Partnership!

The Genesis of Our Partnership with Shakespeare Orthodontics

Our partnership with Shakespeare Orthodontics is a recent development, but it stems from deep personal connections within our community. The bond between Shakespeare Orthodontics and Westlake Girls High School is fortified by shared values and a commitment to supporting local initiatives.

Proximity and Community Ties

Shakespeare Orthodontics has long been an integral part of our community, situated conveniently close to Westlake Girls High School. Their geographical proximity and admiration for our respectful and ambitious students made their decision to support us a natural fit. Their sponsorship is a testament to their dedication to reinforcing their core values within the local community.

Supporting Westlake Girls High School

Shakespeare Orthodontics currently supports our school through various initiatives designed to empower and assist our students:

  • Team Mouthguards: Providing professionally fitted mouthguards to premier sports teams to prevent injuries.
  • Empowerment Fund: Offering financial assistance to programmes and students.
  • Year 9 Camp: Supporting outdoor education experiences.
  • Parent/Daughter Breakfasts: Strengthening family and school community ties.
  • Annual School Production: Promoting arts and culture within the school.
  • Premier Teams’ Overseas Trips: Supporting trips such as this year’s Macau Basketball trip.
  • Careers Talks: Offering insights into health sciences and university pathways.

Impact on Our Students

The support from Shakespeare Orthodontics directly and positively impacts our students. For instance, the primary goal of the mouthguards is injury prevention, which benefits the students and represents a proactive approach to health. Additionally, providing water bottles promotes oral health by encouraging students to drink tap water. Across all Shakespeare Orthodontics’ initiatives, there is a common theme of giving back to the community and fostering a healthier, more supportive environment for our students.


Future Engagement Opportunities

As with all our partners, numerous opportunities exist for deeper engagement with Shakespeare Orthodontics beyond financial contributions. At Westlake, we are excited about the potential for expanding their role and providing more hands-on support to our students.

“We are open to involving our employees in mentorship programs, offering insights into the healthcare setting, particularly orthodontics, and participating in business mentorship initiatives,” explains Mo Al-Dujaili, Partner and Specialist Orthodontist at Shakespeare Orthodontics.

 Benefits to Shakespeare Orthodontics

The partnership with Westlake Girls High School brings several benefits to Shakespeare Orthodontics. They already serve the local community, with most of their patients coming from nearby areas. This relationship strengthens their community ties and enhances their presence within the local network.

 Alignment with Corporate Values

Shakespeare Orthodontics’ sponsorship aligns seamlessly with the business’ corporate values and objectives. Supporting our school and students is a natural extension of these values.

“Our corporate values relate to providing our patients and their families with exceptional orthodontic service. Honesty, trust, and transparency are key values,” says Mo Al-Dujaili.

 A Message to Potential Sponsors

We encourage other businesses to consider supporting Westlake Girls High School. The synergy between local businesses and our school creates a more robust community network, offering mutual benefits. Businesses can gain customers and a sense of connectedness while our school receives much-needed support to help students thrive.

“This strong partnership exemplifies the goodwill and support we enjoy within our local community. We are extremely grateful for Shakespeare Orthodontics’ considerable commitment to our students’ well-being and development. I look forward to our relationship continuing to evolve.”  Jane Stanley, Principal of Westlake Girls High School.

Back Row: Principal Jane Stanley, Kodee Williams-Sefo, Elin Vincent, Charlotte Mawston, Mia John, Katie Moors, Zee Stowers, Imani Rasmussen,, Dr Mo AL-Dujaili. Front row: Lucy Dawson, Brennah Latoalevi-Nosa, Brydie McMillan, Lily Fotu, Emma Schroeder, Shyloh Udomsak. Absent: Amy Pateman & Isabella Gasu

To discuss the opportunities available for businesses interested in partnering with Westlake Girls High School, feel free to contact our Community Relationship Manager, Dean Flyger.

Open Evening 2024

Open Evening for students wanting to enrol at Westlake Girls for 2025

We will hold an Open Evening for those considering enrolling at Westlake Girls in 2025 on Tuesday, 23 July. There will be a brief talk at 4 pm and repeated at 6 pm in our Event Centre. These talks will then be followed by guided tours of the school. All are welcome. No need to book; just come along.

Classes finish at 2.20pm to allow for setup.