House History

Westlake Girls introduced a new house system in 2013 with five houses associated with significant local place names. The naming of each house was inspired by the history of the North Shore area then connected to a “Whakapapa of Māori Mythology” for relevance to the creation of each House story. The house symbols convey the stories and colours which emulate the pursuit of excellence inspired by the Olympic rings. Akoranga House is black, Hauraki House is gold, Onewa House is red, Pupuke House is blue and Wairau House is green.  Below is the whakapapa (family tree) and the stories associated with each House.


Pupuke – The overflowing lake

Pupuke comes from the Māori name Pupukemoana meaning the over flowing lake. Pupuke could be represented by Mahuika the goddess of fire as she played a major part in how the lake was created. The Māori myth surrounding the lake tells of a “Tupua couple” who were children of the fire gods. After quarrelling and cursing Mahuika, their home here on the mainland was destroyed by Mataoho on behalf of Mahuika, with Pupuke resulting from the destruction and Rangitoto Island rising from the sea as a consequence. Rangitoto Island would become their new home. The mists surrounding Rangitoto are meant to symbolise the tears of the Tupua couple for their former home. It is believed that Mataoho is responsible for all of the volcanic activity in the Auckland region.

The House symbol reflects Mahuika through the fire finger-flames on the left-hand side which is surrounded by a koru representing the Pupuke eruption. The middle section depicts Rangitoto Island and the Tupua couple.