Netball Fees

Premier Auckland                                                                $250                 
Premier North Harbour $250
10/1    $235
9/1     $235 (this may change in 2018 if we enter a second competition)
All Remaining Teams $160

 (Fees per student)

All sport at Westlake Girls is user pays and we have a no pay, no play policy. Sports Fees are set to cover costs such as team registrations, equipment, umpire fees, facilities hire, transport, prize giving fees etc. and are based on the number of students per team.  All students that register for a sport are expected to pay fees when submitting their registration form.  

Students who withdraw from teams after the teams have been finalised will incur a $50 administration fee. There will be no refund made to students who withdraw once a team has been registered, or to students who are injured throughout the season (unless a suitable replacement can be found). Parents are welcome to set up automatic payments to help pay for their students fees. Fees can be paid through the school website (online fees), at the school payment office or directly into the school bank account.


Tournament Fees

Fees do not cover additional tournaments (approximate costs)                                                     Fees per student
Netball North Harbour (NNH)   $15.00 
  • Premier Auckland and Premier North Harbour
  • 10/1 and 10/2
  • 9/1 and 9/2
 Auckland Combined Points $25.00  
  •  Premier Auckland 
  • 10/1 
  • 9/1
Upper North Island Secondary Schools (UNISS)                                                                                        $700.00
  •  Premier Auckland
 Nationals $900.00 
  •  Premier Auckland