Parents Forum

Who are we?

The Westlake Girls High School Parents Forum is a group of parents who assist the school by running a Welfare Fund and the Second-Hand Uniform Shop. It is currently led by Barbara Scholten and new members are always welcome. Barbara can be contacted at


The Parents Forum Christmas morning tea for staff.

Second-Hand Uniform Shop



In 2022, the shop is open regularly on Fridays from 12.25 pm – 1.15 pm in Room B8. Just come to the reception desk in the Gernhoefer Admin Centre and they will guide you. 

Please note we accept EFTPOS (No Credit), Cash or Bank Deposits


Sell your uniform through us!

Register 2nd-Hand Uniform For Sale Here

If you wish us to sell your uniform on your behalf, please complete the online form above then drop the uniforms (with your name or copy of email confirmation) at reception.

Please note that anything you hand in for sale MUST be items of current uniform, in excellent condition with no stains or damage.  Items in unsaleable condition, will be disposed of. Socks, tights and shoes cannot be sold. Other T&C’s apply and are included in the registration form. 

WGHS Parents Forum retains 35% of the price of any items sold and you will receive payment for the remainder direct to your bank account (bank details to be provided on the hand-in form) when an item is sold. The reference is “WGHS Second Hand”. Sale prices are approximately 50% of the retail price. The 35% retained by the Forum is placed in the Parents Forum Welfare Fund which supports students who need financial help. Alternatively, you are welcome to donate your items if you choose to, in which case the Parents Forum Welfare Fund will retain the full amount.

For second-hand uniform inquires please contact Barbara Scholten at

Here are the 2021 prices:

Item Sale Price WGHS PF 35% Parent 65%
Junior Blazer $75 $26.25 $48.75
Senior Blazer $75 $26.25 $48.75
Black Jacket $60 $21 $39
Jersey $45 $15.75 $29.25
Skirt $35 $12.25 $22.75
Junior Blouse $25 $8.75 $16.25
Senior Blouse $25 $8.75 $16.25
PE Shorts $15 $5.25 $9.75
House Shirt $15 $5.25 $9.75
Netball Dress (new design) $45 $15.75 $29.25
Tie $15 $5.25 $9.75
Scarf $15 $5.25 $9.75
Hat $15 $5.25 $9.75
Choir Skirt $45 $15.75 $29.25
Choir Blouse $25 $8.75 $16.25


Out-of-zone applications now closed

Out-of-zone applications for enrolment to study in 2023 are now closed. If you have sent in an application, you will hear from us shortly. Applications from students who live in-zone are still being accepted HERE