Every student at Westlake Girls High School belongs to one of five houses named after significant local areas. The house colours – black, gold, red, blue and green – reflect the Olympic rings to encourage the pursuit of excellence and relate to the meaning of each of the house names. The house system offers leadership opportunities for senior students and allows all students to feel connected to a smaller community within the school. Throughout the year the houses compete in a variety of events and select a house charity to support.

Each House has a House Captain, Academic Prefect, Arts Prefect, Cultural Prefect, Environmental Prefect, International Prefect, Service Prefect, Sports Prefect, and Junior House Prefects overseeing the Junior School. In addition, our Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect are highly visible leaders and role models for their fellow students at assemblies and school events. They also fulfill responsibilities in the wider school community.

Prefect Roles


Kia Ora
No Iraq taku whenuatuturu.
Ahakoa, ko Te Raki Paewhenua taku Turangawaewae

My name is Hala Barakat and as Head Prefect for 2019 it is an honour to be able to lead such a prestigious school alongside Deputy Head Prefect, Isabella Brown.

Five years ago, Westlake was just that school at Smales Farm that had the stupendous turfs and the resplended uniform, but now after more than 4,000 hours within the school gates, I gladly call Westlake my second home.

It is a given that life comes with challenges and I am grateful for the challenge of leadership I have been given this year. Moving through the years, I had many role models from the senior school who would come into classes regularly and would always crack a joke on the gloomy Monday mornings or just chat to us about how we’re all finding it.

I aim to be an approachable role model for students, encouraging them to seize the endless opportunities available. Whether it’s sporting, cultural or academia, Westlake allows students to find their passions and discover confidence within themselves. Consequently, I strive to be able to create a sense of unity within the school and “revitalise” not only house spirit but also school spirit as a whole.

“He oranga ngaikauu he pikinga wai ora”
A positive heart leads to a sense of self worth



Head Prefect

Hala Barakat

Deputy Head Prefect

Isabella Brown

House Captain Jessica Lane
Academic Prefect Sophie Hindley
Arts Prefect Sally Stroobant
Cultural Prefect Celia Toganivalu-Kikau
Environment Prefect Sophie Logan
International Prefect Bohan You
Service Prefect Emma Ormsby
Sports Prefect Aneka Mittendorff
Junior School Prefect Rachel Webster
Junior School Prefect Deshma Weerapperruma
Junior School Prefect Ella Rogers
Junior School Prefect Ashley Hanrahan
Junior School Prefect Faith Han
Junior School Prefect Farida Mahmoud


House Captain Paris Jagger
Academic Prefect Ellen Blount
Arts Prefect Mei Zheng
Cultural Prefect Alyssa Wilson
Environment Prefect Nicole Ambua
International Prefect Rita Zhang
Service Prefect Lily Gholam Hosseini
Sports Prefect Elizabeth Howard
Junior School Prefect Renee Lawrence-Rudolp
Junior School Prefect Grace Dewhurst
Junior School Prefect Kirsten Daly
Junior School Prefect Emma Begbie
Junior School Prefect Fenella Sands
Junior School Prefect Mini Yasmin Clements Levi


House Captain Arabella Cameron
Academic Prefect Amy Blind
Arts Prefect Kezia Simpson
Cultural Prefect Rachel Park
Environment Prefect Lucy Larkin
International Prefect Hsiao-Hsuan Chloe Chen
Service Prefect Eva Sumner
Sports Prefect Kiera Fisher
Junior School Prefect Sophie Pedersen
Junior School Prefect Nara Lee
Junior School Prefect Zoe Murphy
Junior School Prefect Harriet Postles
Junior School Prefect Thiyona Singh
Junior School Prefect Meg Rowlands
Junior School Prefect Manisha Sharma
Junior School Prefect Hannah Clark


House Captain Irene Wu
Academic Prefect Bethany Enright
Arts Prefect Gabriella Kiefte
Cultural Prefect Eternity Tuilaepa
Environment Prefect Keeley Watson
International Prefect Ellen Wenhui Hao
Service Prefect Celine Hwangbo
Sports Prefect Amy Brotherton
Junior School Prefect Caroline Kim
Junior School Prefect Taylor Morrison
Junior School Prefect Jett McCarroll
Junior School Prefect Sally Chaeyeon Kim
Junior School Prefect Olivia Kayes
Junior School Prefect Gloria You


House Captain Talia Chong-Hamlin
Academic Prefect Juliette Vukets
Arts Prefect Jaimey Hazelhurst
Cultural Prefect Airam Magpantay
Environment Prefect Kyla Euston-Stewart
International Prefect Elaine Xiangyi Wang
Service Prefect Jemma Maxted
Sports Prefect Ella Moratti
Junior School Prefect Sophie Paulsen
Junior School Prefect Keeley Robertson
Junior School Prefect Maren Howarth
Junior School Prefect Romy Olivier
Junior School Prefect Tori Holland
Junior School Prefect Holly Powell
Junior School Prefect Anna Fedorova
Junior School Prefect Hunter Henson