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Westlake Girls has a proud tradition in the sport of badminton with a high number of students competing for the school both socially and competitively. Both seniors and juniors play as teams in the North Harbour competitions during Terms 2 and 3 as well as College Sport Auckland and NZSS Competitions

For year 11’s-13’s

Please register through the tab labelled Senior NH Badminton.

For year 9’s and 10’s

Please register through the tab labelled Junior NH Badminton

*Indicate if you want to play socially with your friends or competitively and be put into a team.

Badminton dates/events

Event Dates Grade
Entries open for WGHS Badminton 2nd of December All grades
Badminton trials – last week of Term 1  5th of April Senior Competitive – last week of Term 1 in Gym 1
Badminton Club 27th of April Everyone
NH Senior competition Starts 1st of May Senior competitive and social
Badminton trials 17th of July Junior Competitive
Auckland SS Individual and doubles champs Mid August (tbc) Junior and Senior competitive
North Harbour Junior competition

Starts 26th of July 

Junior Competitive and social
NZ Team Champs Winter tournament week Senior Competitive


North Harbour Junior Competition (Term 3) starts on 26th July at Active Badminton Centre, 44-46 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay.

Girls Competitive grade plays on Wednesdays and Social grade on Thursdays.


Every Monday after school 3.30pm – 4.30pm at WGHS in Gym 1

Seniors – 8th of May – 26th of June (no training on Kings Birthday Mon 5th June)

Juniors – 24th of July – until end of Junior season

Senior Badminton Competitive trials will happen on the 26th of April – First week of Term 2
Junior Badminton Competitive trials will happen on the 2nd of August – First week of Term 3

Students will be issued a playing top. They will need to wear black, shorts or leggings on game day.

The fee for the badminton season is $60. Please pay here
*Please note that for tournaments, there are extra charges and this will be loaded onto student accounts.

North Harbour Senior Competition – Term 2
Starts on the 1st of May at Active Badminton Centre, 44-46 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay

North Harbour Junior Competition – Term 3
Starts on the 26th of July at Active Badminton Centre, 44-46 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay
Girls competitive grade plays on Wednesdays.
Girls social grade plays on Thursdays.

Both of the above competitions cater for social and competitive grades

Competitive competitions
Please indicate on your registration form if you are interested in attending the below competitions

  • Auckland SS Individual & Doubles, August
  • New Zealand Teams Championships, September

School Badminton contact:
Ria Nathu, Sports Manager
Phone: 09 489 4169 ext 764



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