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Our Young Business Owners

Business Studies Young Enterprise Group

The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is an opportunity for students to unleash their inner entrepreneur and experience the start-up world first-hand. It is an experiential programme where students set up and run a real business. Each YES company creates their own product or service and brings this to market.

Through The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme, students will:

  • Learn about business planning and operations
  • Develop a range of personal and business skills
  • Consult with and create networks in their community

Below are the 2021 businesses run by students at Westlake Girls High School (listed alphabetically). 

Afterlife Candles

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A selection of candles in recycled jars accompanied by flower seeds that can be grown in the jar after the candle has been burnt.

CEO: Emma Sutton
CFO: Evie Guthrie
Marketing Manager: Jabez Perida 
Production Director: Ella Morton
Communications Manager: Vishwa Patel



Around Aotearoa

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A board game that promotes and educates kids about New Zealand’s cultural diversity. CEO: Paisley Pomfrett
CFO: Sharon Winson Jacob
Production Director: Ganna Eid
Communications Manager: Madisson Mataafa
Marketing Manager: Lorelei Onesemo





Bliss Bars

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Our product is a moisturiser, in the form a bar as it is more convenient, made with natural products and sustainable packaging CEO: Amy Louden-Taylor
Sales and Marketing Manager: Shreeya Amarsee
Production Director: Amy Yang
Communications Manager: Kyla Datahan

Bliss Bars Storbie Link




Coastal Coasters

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Coasters made with the waste found from the local beaches. Our coasters are environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. Through the coasters we are able to repurpose the waste to form a product for households 

CEO and Communication: Priya Nadan
CFO: Lotus Morgan-Mangakahia
Production and Communications Manager: Molly Southcombe





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Eco-friendly selfcare beauty box containing facemasks, body scrubs, lip scrub and candles.

CEO: Liv Gardiner
CFO: Scarlet Berry
Sales and Marketing Manager: Makenzee Boucher
Production Director: Shanae Hooker
Communications Manager: Sarah Drury

Instagram: @nzecobox


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EcoPackd offers its customers a pack of eco-friendly sustainable alternatives for kiwi kitchens.

The packs include

3 beeswax wraps, wooden knife, fork and spoon, 3 cardboard straws 

and a reusable cotton produce bag.

CEO: Cara Clark-Howard
CFO: Samantha Mackenzie
Production Director: Jessica Hayward
Communications and Marketing Manager: Parwana Paryan
Sales Director: Alyssa Waller


Health & Hauora

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A digital wellbeing guide for young adults, providing recipes, fitness programmes and wellbeing tips.

CEO: Domi Menoita
CFO: Valentina Baxter-Thompson and Tegan Jenkins
Marketing Manager:
Alailupe Taufateau and Phoebe Allen
Production Director: Jordan Samuels
Communications Manager: Leah Gaffley



Inside n Out

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Inside n Out creates a fruit-scented soap that has corresponding fruit seeds inside to promote healthy living inside and out.

CEO: Jasmin Barrow
CFO: Marin Parker
Sales and Marketing Manager: Serena Leng
Production Director: Bianca Coplestone
Communications Manager: Teigan Maycock

Instagram & Facebook





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Earrings made using repurposed plastic.

CEO: Madi Bain
CFO: Clair Ogier
Marketing Manager: Tsz Yee Tiffany Fong
Production Director: Ella Choi




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Body scrubs that are natural, organic and chemical-free. Sourced by our Local businesses, Altura, Chelsea Sugar Works and Manuka Corner. Our Body scrub will be able to be used on soft skin. 

CEO: Ti’a Armstrong
CFO/Communications Manager: Lucy Pilley
Sales and Marketing Manager: Mita Turaga
Production Director: Leah McKinlay

Instagram: @kirimoko_

Facebook: @Kirimoko.BodyScrubs




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LunchLab makes reusable lunch bags for students to bring to school to package their lunches. Made from recycled fabrics coated in beeswax, our lunch bags are washable, reusable, waste-free and biodegradable.

CEO: Kate Egerton
CFO: Georgia Melville
Sales and Marketing Manager: Brooke Batty
Communications Manager: Isabela Vicelich
Production Director: Imy de Zwart

Instagram – @LunchLab_

Storbie –

Facebook – LunchLab


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We make a reusable two-in-one face mask and scrunchie.

CEO: Jenna De Vega
CFO: Teah Little
Sales and Marketing Manager: Maria Hewison
Production Director: Kyla Alarcon



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Our bucket hats are made out of recycled clothing denim. Our product is environmentally sustainable as we reuse denim jeans/shorts that would otherwise go to waste. The hats will be unique and reversible providing an option between two colours.

CEO: Paris Watkins Barlow
CFO: Ella Wilson
Sales and Marketing Manager: Jessica Houten
Production Director: Amie Hampson-Tindale
Communications Manager: Lilah Ion


Instagram & Facebook: @oasisbuckethats

Tiktok: @oasisbuckethatss


On a Roll

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We make cinnamon rolls, cookies and cream rolls, smores roll and vegan cinnamon rolls. 

CEO: Saskia Barrow
CFO: Neve Clews and Saskia Barrow
Communications Manager:
Hollie Marshman
Sales and Marketing Manager: Ashlee Hussey
Production Director: Keira Lupton




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Wellbeing candles with chakra crystals inside.

CEO: Michelle Farrell
CFO: Cate Moyle
Production Director: Trixie Andrew
Communications Manager: Sabrina Ferrer Harris
Marketing Manager: Samara Khan



Open Evening

Open Evening for students wanting to enrol at Westlake Girls for 2025

We will hold an Open Evening for those considering enrolling at Westlake Girls in 2025 on Tuesday, 23 July. There will be a brief talk at 4 pm and repeated at 6 pm in our Event Centre. These talks will then be followed by guided tours of the school. All are welcome. No need to book; just come along.

Online enrolment opened on 1 July. See here.