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Business Studies Young Enterprise Group

The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is an opportunity for students to unleash their inner entrepreneur and experience the start-up world first-hand. It is an experiential programme where students set up and run a real business. Each YES company creates their own product or service and brings this to market.

Through The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme, students will:

  • Learn about business planning and operations
  • Develop a range of personal and business skills
  • Consult with and create networks in their community

Below are the 2020 businesses run by students at Westlake Girls High School. 

Angel’s Cheesecakes

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Angel’s Cheesecakes is a vegan /dairy-free, soy-free, low in fat and sugar, sustainable and delicious Cheesecake.

CEO: Rola Daoud
Financial Director: Kelly Wong
Communications: ManagerTrisha Quiliza
Production Director: Shraya Patel
Marketing Director: Jess Franklin 
Production Director: Jessica Mak


Kiwi Buddies

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Our soft toys are inspired by four endangered New Zealand animals handmade into cuddly, plush toys out of upcycled fabrics. Handcrafted for anyone wanting to support Aotearoa and its endangered animals for our future generations as well as help reduce textile waste. CEO: Raeesah Surran: 
Communications Director: Olivia Fuller
Financial Director: Dannika Murti
Production Director: Victoria Afalla 
Sales and Marketing Director: Irynca Siahaan


Moana Minerals 

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Our mineral sunscreen is natural and eco friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals found in many leading sunscreens such as oxybenzone and octinoxate. Our mineral sunscreen is made up of zinc oxide particles that sit on the skin’s surface and deflect harmful UVB and UVA light rays but do not damage the ecosystem. CEO: Amy Watson
Marketing Director: Charlotte Lewis 
Financial Director: Paige Atkins 
Operations Director: Ashlee Putt
Production Director: Carys Chambers
Instagram – @moana_minerals


Sea Jewels 

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We offer sustainable pendants and necklaces that are high quality and affordable. They’re desirable not just for their significance and action against ocean pollution, but also for their trendy and fashionable appearance. CEO & Finance Director: Jasmine Leadley 
Sales and Marketing Director: Sylvia Leadley
Communications Director: Andi Hey
Production Director: Breahn Robinson


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We are manufacturing eco-friendly tote bags constructed from recycled /reused materials ensuring minimal plastic use and production. Our tote bags are made of donated fabrics and thread we purchased from op shops and other second hand stores and are sustainable, durable and reusable, made in different designs. CEO: Kate Egerton
Marketing: Brooke Batty
Finance: Jasmin Barrow and Cate Moyle
Production: Jemma Bailey and Domi Menoita
Communication: Keira Lupton


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Our product is a natural hand sanitizer that is anti-bacterial, kid/elderly-friendly and non-alcoholic. CEO: Clair Ogier
Communication Director: Paisley Pomfrett
Sales and Marketing Director: Rachel Li
Production Director: Kyla Datahan
Finance Director: Chey Humphreys


Moda Bella

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Moda Bella’s product is an online website for individuals wanting to rent a dress for a special occassion. Our dresses come in a range of sizes varied from 6-12. They are in pristine condition and affordable. CEO: Lilah Ion
Sales and Marketing Producer: Makenzee Boucher
Production Manager: Oliviai Gardiner Communication Manager: Lotus Morgan


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Our Cookie-baking kit comes with pre-measured ingredients making it easy and enjoyable to bake. Our product will help grow your love for baking. CEO: Grace Stephenson
Sales and Marketing Director: Serena Leng
Finance Director: Teah Little 
Finance Director: Bella Hellesoe
Production Manager: Ashlee Hussey
Communication: Alailupe Taufateu

A Kiwi Cooking Adventure

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Our product is a children’s picture cookbook, which narrates the story of five different New Zealand bird species bringing a food snack item which they have prepared for a picnic. The recipes for these food items will also be integrated into the story. CEO: Evie Guthrie
Production Manager: Lucy Pilley 
Finance Manager: Aimee Oswald 
Marketing Manager: Jessica Hayward 
Communications Manager: Leah Gaffley 
Production Manager: Alyssa Waller


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These coloured light bulbs will illuminate a child’s bedroom with a range of different, aesthetically pleasing colours. When the bulb is on, the child or individual is immersed in a world of creativity and imagination that sparks feelings of happiness and comfort. CEO: Paris Watkins Barlow
Communications: Amie Hampson-Tindale
Sales: Tegan Jenkins
Finance: Amy Louden-Taylor
Production: Shreeya Amarsee
Marketing: Ella Wilson

Breakfast Baps

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Our product is a breakfast bap that consists of bacon, eggs, cheese, hashbrown, bap and relish. We also provide a vegetarian option without bacon.

CEO: Neve 
Finance: Paige 
Sales and Marketing: Isabela and Georgia 
Communications: Sarah
Operations: Amber

Takapuna & Browns Bay Markets (location sales only)


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Our product is a face serum that relieves dry skin. Using only all natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging; we are caring for the environment as well as your skin.

CEO: Madison
Finance: Maggie
Sales and Marketing: Ella and Tiffany 
Production: Bella  
Communications: Maddison

Takapuna Sunday market

Terra Boutique

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Our business, Terra boutique, sells a range of different handmade clay earrings; our earrings are both dangles and studs. We also want to generate awareness for breast cancer and to donate to the breast cancer foundation.

CEO: Samantha Mackenzie
Finance: Ginni Cameron-Roscoe
Production: Molly Southcombe
Market and Managing: Jabez Perida and Ella Morton
Communication: Hollie Marshman


BeeClean Travel Bags

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BeeClean Travel Bags are an environmentally conscious company, striving to save the planet by producing sustainable and reusable soap holders. Our simple and practical beeswax bags are made from 100% cotton, providing bacteria-free soap storage that you can take with you wherever you go!

CEO: Ella Butler 
Marketing Directors: Danielle Stewart and Madison Bain
Communication Director: Leah McKinlay
Sales Director: Georgia Cavander
Production Director: Mikyla Thorowgood
Finance Director: Amy Yang

DD Donuts

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High quality donuts produced by a New Zealand business. 10% of our profits go towards the Breast Cancer Society, hence the name of our business; DD donuts. We are supporting a local charity.

CEO: Saskia Barrow and Valentina Baxter
Production: Trixie Andrew 
Marketing: Yuri Bae 
Finance: Symantha Pope
Sales: Lorelei Onesemo 
Communication: Keeli Sullivan


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Electro provides an eco friendly jewelry alternative. This is a further sustainable option of trendy jewelry. We are creating jewelry out of e-waste e.g chargers, headphones that would have otherwise gone wasted and contributed to the growing problem of pollution.

CEO: Emma and Savannah
Sales: Danica
Marketing: Jenna
Communication: Parwana 
Production: Vishwa 

@Electro.Jewlers on Instagram

The Lazy Chefs

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‘Cooking or Cooked’ is an affordable, high quality cookbook for university students. It contains easy, healthy recipes that are quick to make!

CEO: Prinisha Naidu
Sales: Harleen Kaur 
Production: Mary Almogela
Marketing: Yuxuna Sienna Lui 
Finance: Cohryn Bonsay 
Communications: Prathna Kumar


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Homemade nutritional sports recovery bars that refuel your body with optimal nutrition through only seven ingredients – Plant based, environmentally friendly & 100% natural.

CEO: Isabella Brown
Finance Director: Darla Azul  
Marketing Director: Casey Leyson 
Communications Director: Frances Garcia
Production Manager: Mellisa Oentardi


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Our products are unique festival clothing made out of recycled clothing and materials. Each item will be different and unique and nothing will be the same.

CEO and Marketing Director: Freya Curlewis 
Production and Finance Director: Masha Ivanova


Instagram – @Lacedclothingnz

Facebook – Laced Clothing NZ

Depop – @Lacedclothing

Straw Assemble

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Our product is a sustainable pack of 5 straws that come in a pouch designed by us that holds the straws in, also comes with a brush cleaner.

CEO: Arabella Hope 
Finance: Nicole Kelly
Marketing and Sales: Maddi Marshall 
Production: Michaela

Instagram – @Strawassemble

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