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ICT / E-Learning

E-Learning FAQs

Many students like to suggest to their parents that one specific brand of device is favoured by the school and other students. This is not the case. We have a very wide range of devices that are used successfully by students.

No. Students will follow the same curriculum but will be in a teaching and learning environment designed to maximise the educational opportunities of computer and internet technology.

No. WGHS has a balances approach to the use of the technology in classes. We call this Blended Learning where E-Learning tools are used to complement face-to-face teaching and learning.

Students DO NOT use computer technology 100% of the time.

We still use sound pedagogical approaches which can include teacher led instruction where appropriate.

NZQA are now trialling the use of computing devices in NCEA examinations across the country. Westlake Girls participated in the trial exam for a Level 1 school exam in 2017. Currently digital exams are not completed for the external examinations at Westlake Girls High School.

In a standard NCEA exam the use of any personal device in examinations is currently strictly forbidden unless the assessments and/or examination requires the use of such a device.

Personal computing devices may be used under some circumstances for special assistance with assessments and/or examinations but this requires prior and specific school approval.

NZQA have a goal to make examinations computer based by 2020.


No. Every student needs to have their own so they can be sure to have it when they need it for use at school and at home.

Every lunchtime the school-based student group, “Tech Wizards” are available to provide support with using a computer.

They also run a website for students and parents to visit when they require help.

Many students have smartphones much more expensive than the computers we are recommending, and we have very few problems. WGHS will not take responsibility for the loss or damage of a device, but will investigate any incident involving student discipline.

Personal devices are not covered under the school’s insurance policy and thus we strongly advise that they are insured privately. A school locker can be hired each year for a small fee. 

Computer devices require up to date antiviral software.