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ERO Report

Te Ara Huarau, The Education Review Office (ERO) has shifted from event-based external reviews to supporting each school in a process of continuous improvement.

The evaluation project we have chosen as part of this review programme is to build staff and student engagement with achievement data and effective measurement systems to inform teaching practices and support students’ growth.

  • Westlake Girls’ High School continues to sustain high levels of achievement for learners.
  • The school has been successful in reducing the gap between the number of students gaining University Entrance and Level 3 while also improving overall results in these areas.
  • Senior leaders have a good understanding of internal evaluation. They are responsive and focused on continuous improvement with a critical lens on school achievement data and student wellbeing.

In November 2022, a Profile Report was written and the next public report on ERO’s website will be a Te Ara Huarau | School Evaluation Report and is due within three years.

Find out more on the ERO website here.

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