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Samoan Cricket or Kilikiti is cricket with a difference! Like the traditional game, there’s a batting and a fielding team but you can get the whole team out in half an hour while clapping and dancing to the rhythm of the captain’s chant. Kilikiti is also played without padding. Each team wields a 3-sided bat, which looks more like a long baseball bat than a cricket bat and the fielding team has up to 20 players on the field at any one time. Dressed in brightly coloured lavalavas and t- shirts, most players tend to be all-rounders. Kilikiti is colourful, competitive and always entertaining.


Senior Auckland Secondary Schools Tournament – Wednesday 10 April
Junior Auckland Secondary Schools Tournament – Tuesday 19 November


$20 per event

For more information or to register, please complete the form below or contact the Kilikiti Manager.


For more information, or to register for this activity, please go to “CLIPBOARD”. It is a NEW platform to view All Westlake Girls Sports and it is located on the Student and Parent Portals or just contact the Manager.

Kilikiti Contact:
Ria Nathu – Sports Manager
P: 09 489 4169 Ext 764


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