We have one Lacrosse team at Westlake which is a combination of Junior and Senior Students, each year we have new and experienced players in our school team. It is a very fast paced game combining speed, agility and defensive work, you run, carry, catch, shoot and pass the ball with the net of the stick. Lacrosse is played during Terms 2 & 3 with a trial held in April each yearAny questions please see Karyn in the Sports Department.

Games:                         Thursday afternoon various venues 4pm – 6pm

Season Dates:              7 May – 6 August 2020

Auckland Champs:     12 August 2020

Training:                      Monday afternoon at Westlake

Equipment:                  Each player is required to have a Federation approved stick and Eye goggles

Fees:                            $120 per student (includes Auckland Champs)