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School Donation

Our parents help provide a quality education for our students by giving a voluntary contribution. The donations are used to give your daughter opportunities beyond what is funded by the government, because we know they make a real difference to her success:

  • Employing more than 20 additional teachers so we can offer a wide range of subject choices and smaller classes in some cases.
  • Resources to support learning, such as:
    • updating and maintaining IT equipment, including audio-visual gear, projectors and state-of-the-art computers.
    • technology equipment for specialist subjects such as STEAM and robotics.
    • specialist equipment for areas such as music, sports and performing arts.
  • Subsidising curriculum trips to the community, including teacher relief costs. These are an important way for students to connect their classroom learning to the workplace, and create opportunities for future career paths.
  • Extra coaching and tuition costs for groups such as sports and music.

The school donation for 2024 is $585 per student, or $780 for families with two or more students at WGHS. The quickest method of payment is through the parent portal which can be accessed from the school website. The school issues the Tax Donation Certificates on request, so please do not hesitate to contact us after 1 April and we can email this to you. Payments can also be made directly into the school bank account 03-0275-0045494-00 or at the Payments Office which is open from 8am to 3pm.

Note: to receive a tax credit on your donation this year, payment needs to be made by the end of the financial year (Friday 31 March 2024).

Things to note:
• Your annual donation can be a one-off payment, or you can pay instalments weekly ($11.25 single student/$15.00 two or more students), fortnightly ($22.50/$30.00), monthly ($48.75/$65.00) or per term ($146.25/$195) via internet banking.
• While a full donation provides more opportunities for our students, we appreciate a partial donation if there are financial constraints within your family. Every bit helps.
• You can claim one third of your full or partial donation as a tax credit.
• A donation of more than $100 enables your daughter to receive a free yearbook at the end of the year.
• Value option of $780 for families with two or more students at WGHS.
• If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call Accounts on 489 4169 ext 739.

We’ve partnered with Supergenerous!

Signing up with Supergenerous is an easy way to make your generosity go further. You can amplify your impact at no extra upfront cost. If you have donated to us in the past 4 years you may be eligible for a donation rebate of 33.33%. If you are an individual New Zealand tax resident who has received taxable income in the current financial year, then you are entitled to a rebate of up to 33% on each donation you’ve made to Westlake Girls.

The Supergenerous online platform makes it super easy to claim your donation rebates back. It takes a few minutes to sign up and they give you the option to regift your tax rebate back to us as a new donation.

How it works:

For every $100 dollars you have donated (or will donate) to us, we will receive another $33 at the end of the first year. What’s more, this $33 is considered a further gift of money meaning that around $11 is claimable the following year and so on! After three years, your $100 donation could be worth up to $148! 

How to opt in
To opt in to Supergenerous to gift your tax credits on donations to us for this tax year and going forward, simply click on the link below, fill in a few details, and let the experts at Supergenerous sort the rest out with Inland Revenue. It’s completely free for you to use, and only takes around one minute to do. Before you begin, you will need your IRD number. Please note that once you have signed up, you will not be able to claim this tax credit for yourself. We pay a small fee to Supergenerous to do this for you on our behalf. So please take a minute to click the link below now, and help your gift keep on giving. 

For more information and to sign up, visit Supergenerous.


Westlake Girls has joined Rewardhub, a website where 100’s of leading brands reward us with free donations, at no extra cost to you, when you shop online. To find out more and sign up to support us, follow the link below.


Your daughter benefits from the contributions of current parents and those of previous parents. Each generation ‘pays it forward’ to support the high standard of teaching and facilities that benefit every student. We invite you to join us in continuing to create a culture and a school where every student can thrive. Thank you.

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