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General Uniform Guidelines

All students are expected to adhere to uniform regulations specified by the Board of Trustees and detailed on the website and in the student handbook.

Students representing Westlake Girls High School for outside activities in cultural, service, academic or sporting pursuits must wear their uniform complete with blazer and representative tie.

Students are eligible to wear representative ties if they fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • The student represents Westlake Girls High School as an individual and competes for a New Zealand or International title in an activity that is offered in the school
  • The student is a member of a Westlake Girls High School team or squad competing at a national level or a New Zealand representative group or squad, in an activity that is offered in the school

If students have a genuine reason for not being able to wear the regulation uniform and seek permission to wear a non-regulation item, they must bring a note to their Form Teacher during form time that day and obtain a yellow slip. It must be retained and shown to any staff member on request.

Students not wearing the correct uniform can expect to be issued with the appropriate uniform detention, as detailed in the In School Discipline Policy. Any clothing bearing the school’s name or logo, in any form, must be approved by the Board of Trustees or the Principal as agent.

Where can I buy my uniform?

Your uniform can be purchased online from the Uniform Group or in store from the Uniform Shop at Unit 10, 54 View Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland. Please note that all online orders need to be collected from Unit 10.  Click here for more information.

Open Hours

Click here to see Uniform Shop opening hours

Second-Hand Uniform Shop

You can purchase second-hand uniform items through our Parents Forum. For more information, click here.

What uniform do I wear?

The regulation uniform is broken down into the Senior uniform (for Years 12,13) and the Westlake uniform (for Years 9,10,11). The Senior blazer can only be worn with the Senior blouse and the Westlake blazer can only be worn with the Westlake blouse. No mixing of Senior and Westlake, blazers and blouses is permitted.

Click on the following link to see what uniform items you need for: Years 9-13.

How do I wear my uniform?

Students must demonstrate high standards of personal presentation by wearing their uniform correctly and with pride in the school. Uniform should be kept clean, tidy and well-maintained.

Blazer days

Blazer days are when all students are expected to wear their blazer. We begin and end EVERY week aiming for the highest standards of personal presentation to, from and at school. House assemblies are also on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and this is when many students are awarded certificates and special accolades.

Winter uniform

No hoodies to be worn in school – only the school black jackets should be worn in the winter months. No visible long sleeve tops are to be worn under shirts.

PE uniform

PE uniform includes your specific House shirt, PE shorts and PE sport socks (Sports tracksuit is optional).


Robust, black lace-up shoes must be worn in Terms 2 and 3 and must be of a similar style to those sold through the Uniform Shop. Jandals and fabric shoes are not permitted. Sandals may be worn in Terms 1 and 4. These must have a back strap which must be worn done up.

Black lace-up shoes must be worn with trousers – not sandals.

Safety at school is an important issue, particularly in Technology and Science classes. Only regulation shoes can be worn in these classes.

Jewellery regulations

Students who have pierced ears may wear up to TWO sets of solid/plain gold or silver studs or sleepers only. Diamante and dress earrings of any design are not acceptable.

No other jewellery is acceptable with the school uniform and may not be worn. The only exception is a watch.

No visible body or nose studs/rings are permitted under any circumstances as a matter of health and safety.

Permission to wear necklaces of cultural significance may only be given after written requests from the parent or guardian to the Principal. Once received, with clear reasons for the request, a decision will be made and parents contacted. If acceptable the student will be issued a uniform pass from the Deans.

Make-up and nail polish

It is inappropriate for students to wear make-up at school. No nail polish should be worn on the fingers at any time.

Hair regulations

Hair must be well groomed, tidy and off the face so that students can learn effectively. Any teacher has the right to request hair is tied back in the interest of safety or hygiene. Ribbon or ties used to tie hair back must be black only.

Only hair colours in the natural human hair range are acceptable. Purple, orange, lime green etc. are not permitted.


Apply for STEAM, CYGNET and Music Academy

If your daughter has been accepted as a Year 9 student into Westlake Girls for 2022, don't forget to also apply for our STEAM, CYGNET (sports) and Music Academy Programmes. Applications need to be in by 24 September - so apply today by clicking HERE