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STEAM is an integrated approach to the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, aimed at developing students’ skills in critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration and entrepreneurship. STEAM programmes are critical in producing well-rounded and well-grounded global citizens for the coming century by providing motivating, engaging and real-world contexts in which students can acquire and apply meaningful mathematical and scientific skills and understanding while becoming true agents of their own learning.

“Our vision is to create a learning culture of curiosity in which students will engage in the world they are living in,” says Susana Tomaz, Teacher in Charge of STEAM. “At puberty 50% of girls are petrified by fear of failure, with 80% of girls feeling societal pressure to be perfect. This leads to girls avoiding trying new things because they’re afraid to fail. We create an environment where our students are able to grow and build confidence, while developing their skills in STEAM subjects.”

What our students enjoy about STEAM

The STEAM enrichment programme offers Year 9 students an integrated approach to learning. This Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics curriculum provides a pathway to deep learning that strengthens links between subjects providing opportunities through project-based learning, for students to become life-long learners, leaders and change-makers of the future. The STEAM programme aims at developing global competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, character, creativity and citizenship.

Science and Mathematics will be enriched with projects linking the two disciplines whilst English and Social Studies will strengthen written, oral and digital literacy, global appreciation and critical thinking.

Integrated into STEAM are six-month courses that involve robotics, coding, electronics and design with projects that link into several learning areas. Students will be encouraged to be innovative and creative as they attempt to solve real-world problems.

Students wishing to apply for the STEAM programme are advised to complete the Application Form online, after the Enrolment Evenings. Selection for a limited number of places will be based on a range of data.

The STEAM enrichment programme offers continuity through an integrated approach to learning and for students new to STEAM to try this pedagogical approach.

As in Year 9, the Science and Mathematics courses will be enriched with projects linking the two disciplines whilst English and Social Studies courses will strengthen written, oral and digital literacy, global appreciation and critical thinking. As part of the STEAM program students work collaboratively in community project and developing an innovative technological solution to a real issue they have identified in their community. The community projects benefit from a mentoring program and support from experts from the community.

Integrated into Year 10 STEAM option involves two six-month courses. There is a Kinetic Sculpture course incorporating aspects of creativity, design, art, physics and technology to make a movable piece of sculpture, as well as incorporating film-making in the process. The other six-month course is FutureTech Design, which provides the opportunity to build on the technology skills developed in Year 9 to create an interactive product which embeds principles of computer programming linked to the use of a microprocessor as well as a short foray into Future technologies such as augmented reality.

Students wishing to apply for the STEAM programme in Year 10 are advised to complete the Application Form online. Selection for a limited number of places will be based on a range of data. A second language is strongly recommended for insight into other cultures as well as increased cognitive and creative benefits.

Students will still access the same standards and number of credits that the core subjects offer in the mainstream.

If you would like to find out more about STEAM programme, please contact Susana on


Year 8 applications are invited at the enrolment evening after our Open Evening in July. Year 8 students must complete the STEAM Application Form online after our Enrolment Evenings. Following a selection process, identified Year 8 students will be contacted.

STEAM stuff

In May 2020 our STEAM programme featured in this brilliant article in Te Kete Ipurangi newsletter.

Waste management may not seem glamorous but it is definitely a big issue and one of interest to our STEAM students. In March we visited the Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Centre and students undertook the Zero Waste Zone programme. While doing a tour of the transfer station, students saw the tipping floor where all the orange plastic rubbish bags go before they are taken to the landfill. They had never seen so much rubbish. It was one morning’s worth. Students learnt about what different materials such as glass and plastic were made from. They also got to get up close with some tiger worms, aptly named for their big appetite, and examined how they helped with the decomposition process.  Back at school students will be working collaboratively to create video clips on how they would suggest we reduce waste and live more sustainably.

STEAMing Ahead

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Please note enrolments for 2021 are not yet being accepted. Please do not fill out the enrolment form on our website. This is for late 2020 enrolments only. We will notify on our website when the 2021 enrolment form is available.