Just Play

2019 JUST PLAY Schedule

Term 1: Lacrosse from 8 - 29 March

Term 2: Netball from 3 - 31 May
Term 2: Volleyball from 7 June - 5 July

Term 3: Handball from 26 July - 30 Aug
Term 3: Futsal from 6 – 27 September

Term 4: Turbo Touch from 18 Oct – 29 Nov

JUST PLAY is a regular non-interschool activity that runs throughout the year in 4 – 5 week modules featuring a variety of sports and activities for students who want to take action with their friends as well as learn something new.

Some of the activities/sports that we will do include La Crosse, Netball’s Fast Five, Turbo Touch, Futsal, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball.  If you are interested, please register on line by clicking on the Registration Tab below.

Exercise is a natural happy pill and here at Westlake Girls we encourage everyone to get active.  Endorphins are hormones that promote happiness and good feelings. By staying physically active, teenagers can reduce the risk of stress, depression and other mental health issues. Physical activity can also help teenagers maintain a positive body image because physical activity is so beneficial to human body.

JUST PLAY runs in Term 1 – 3:

Day: Every Friday

Time: 3.30 -4.30pm

Where: Meet at the school Netball Courts

What to wear: Anything you can get active in

What to bring:  Yourself

Cost:  $10 per term

Register:  Online

If you have any questions, please see April Ieremia in the Sports Department.