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Important information for Tuesday 5 June

There will be some changes to the day arrangements and finish time for Tuesday 5 June. Under the Secondary Teachers Collective Agreement, teachers that are Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) union members are entitled to have two Paid Union Meetings (PUM) in a year if they need them.

The PPTA has asked all their members to attend a PUM on the early afternoon of Tuesday 5 June.

Around 100 teachers will be absent for the afternoon and we are unable to run formal teaching classes for students. Instead, they will all be released at 12.30pm on Tuesday 5 June. To ensure students are not too disadvantaged in terms of teaching, we will not have Form Period first thing in the day. Instead, students go straight to Period One classes at 8.45am and we will be running four slightly shorter teaching periods of about 50 minutes each, with a 25 minute break for interval in the middle.

Please note that school buses service some Intermediate schools which will not be finishing early, so all school buses will still run to their usual times.

If your daughter is not able to find an alternative way home at 12.30pm, or you wish to have your daughter supervised at school by non-PPTA staff members, please email your daughter’s House Dean to let them know, and arrangements will be made to have her work independently in a supervised room at school. Students wishing to remain at school will have a lunch break at 12.30pm and should then go to the school library at 1.30pm. From there they will be taken to a supervised classroom for the remainder of the normal school day time (released at around 3.15pm).

Wednesday March 29th - PPTA Industrial Action

The PPTA have advised that Wednesday March 29th has been scheduled as a second day for industrial action for secondary school teachers. With a number of staff away, we will be unable to open for instruction on Wednesday 29th March. We understand that this is short notice and appreciate the difficulties this will place on you. However, it is vital that we support our teachers in their claim to show the government how important they are to us.