Starting at Westlake

What to expect on the first day

School Map

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Getting to and from school on the first day

School buses will be running from early February 2023, tying in with the start of the school year. If you are dropping your daughter at school by car, we recommend using one of the surrounding streets as a drop off point. Smales Farm does not allow parking for school drop off/collection and issue infringement tickets. There are bike racks between B and C Blocks for cycling to school. Please ensure your daughter has a lock for her bike. The school gates are closed from 3 – 3.30pm each day for the safety of our students, so you will be unable to enter the school grounds to collect your daughter. We recommend arranging a drop-off and collection point in one of the surrounding streets.

Link to Bus Timetable

Year 10-13 students – first day 2023

Year 10-13 students start school on Thursday 2nd February 2023, heading straight to their Form Class for an 9.30am start. They should be in full uniform and bring their Laptop. There will be no formal classes today and they will finish before lunch (around 11.30am). Year 10-13 students are not required at school on Friday 3 February. 

Year 9 students – first day 2023

Year 9 students in 2023 start on Friday 3rd February. It will be a full day from 9am to 3pm, and an Orientation Day for the Year 9s only.

All Year 9 students meet in covered area in the quad outside the Events Centre at 9am. They will be welcomed into the Events Centre and introduced to key staff. Students will then be divided into Form/House classes and taken to their form rooms.

An orientation programme will run for the day taken by the Year 13 student leaders. The Year 9 students will have activities to get them to know other class members, be taken on tours of the school, attend an ICT session to log into the school network and a library session. Year 9 students should bring their laptop to school on this day.

Once your daughter has her timetable, she will be able to go to the Payments Office and purchase the use of a locker for the year ($60). Staff in the Payments Office, will be able to assign her the most appropriate locker choice based on her timetable. She should place her lock on the locker as soon as practicable. Either combination or key locks are suitable. Your daughter will also require a padlock for her PE locker during PE class.

What to wear and bring

Students should be in correct uniform, including skirt or culottes, blouse, blazer (optional), and sandals or shoes/socks. Students will not need to bring their full range of stationery for their first day at high school. However, they should bring:

  • School bag
  • Refill paper
  • Pen
  • Laptop
  • A padlock (if you have hired a locker)
  • Lunch/morning tea
  • Water bottle

Your daughter will not be permitted to leave the school grounds until the day finishes..


Strike action next week

On Tuesday 6 June - Year 10 are rostered home and will not be taught or supervised at school.

On Thursday 8 June - Year 9 are rostered home and will not be taught or supervised at school.

Students should continue with their work on Google classroom. If you are unable to provide supervision at home, please contact their House Dean to arrange for supervision at school.