Student Life

Student Leadership

Every student at Westlake Girls High School belongs to one of five houses named after significant local areas. The house colours – black, gold, red, blue and green – reflect the Olympic rings to encourage the pursuit of excellence and relate to the meaning of each of the house names. The house system offers leadership opportunities for senior students and allows all students to feel connected to a smaller community within the school. Throughout the year the houses compete in a variety of events and select a house charity to support.

Each House has a House Captain, Academic Prefect, Arts Prefect, Cultural Prefect, Environmental Prefect, Service Prefect, Sports Prefect, Tuakana Co-ordinator – and a group of Tuakana students overseeing the Junior School. We also have several International Prefects. In addition, our Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect are highly visible leaders and role models for their fellow students at assemblies and school events. They also fulfill responsibilities in the wider school community.

Prefect Roles

Message from our 2023 Head Prefects

Isabella Drummond (Head Prefect) 

Dinithi Thiwanjana Liyanage (Deputy Head Prefect)

“Receiving the news that I was Head Prefect for 2023 was such a surreal moment,” says Isabella.  “When our Principal Mrs Stanley told me I was next year’s Head Prefect, I was at a complete loss for words. It took me a second to fully comprehend the news, but once I had, I was overjoyed and honestly a bit emotional. I was beyond excited to share the news with my whānau who I knew would be just as happy as I was. It is such an exciting opportunity and a great honour to lead such a prestigious school alongside Deputy Head Prefect, (and my close friend) Dinithi Liyanage. I cannot think of a more rewarding way to conclude my final year of high school!”

It was an exciting moment for Dinithi as well who said “To be completely honest, I don’t think I fully comprehended that it was real when Mrs Stanley first told me. I had always hoped to become a part of the senior prefect team at Westlake Girls so it is incredibly humbling to see one of my most esteemed ambitions coming true.”

Isabella says the role of Head Prefect is a huge honour but also a great responsibility. “I feel extremely humbled to be in a position where I can represent a school that has given so much to me over the past four years. I believe the role of Head Prefect will allow me to give back to the generosity Westlake has afforded me.”

Both students have immersed themselves in the abundance of opportunities and extracurricular activities our school has to offer. Isabella is very passionate about te Ao Māori (the Māori World) and says, “being a part of the Westlake’s Kapa Haka group is the highlight of my high school experience, as it has allowed me to learn, share and embrace my culture”. Both Isabella and Dinithi share interests including debating, Amnesty International groups, service committees and public speaking. Dinithi is also involved in our school choirs and is super excited to be the soprano section leader of Cigno Voce for 2023.

Isabella’s goal is to help foster an environment that ensures all our students thrive and feel supported to achieve personal excellence. “I hope to be an approachable role model that leads by example – who encourages others to make the most of their Westlake experience and leave high school knowing they fulfilled their potential. We all have something to give, something to offer, and by recognising and cherishing each of our different values, we can all flourish.”

“Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi” – “With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.”


2023 International Prefects

Yubin Cathy Shin, Phunatcha Fufa Pimolsri and Lubing Jiang



House Captain Debbie Lee
Academic Prefect Ishani Soni-Shing
Arts Prefect Doyoun Kim
Cultural Prefect Elizabeth Mataafa
Environmental Prefect Kenzie McKay
Service Prefect Sophia Santayana
Sports & Wellbeing Prefect Rebecca Moors
Tuakana Co-ordinator Joy Yan
Tuakana Lina Amer
Tuakana Pallas Baker
Tuakana Yeori Erin Choi
Tuakana Charlotte Graham
Tuakana Maia Holland
Tuakana Caitlin Kuan
Tuakana Victoria Lane
Tuakana Paris Langridge
Tuakana Ema Nakayama
Tuakana Danielle Pattimore
Tuakana Jess Reynolds
Tuakana Mao Watanabe


House Captain Zoe Crawford
Academic Prefect Kirsten Abustan
Arts Prefect Kaley Moir
Cultural Prefect Caitlin Jenkins
Environmental Prefect Erina Brown
Service Prefect Emelini Emerson
Sports & Wellbeing Prefect Maia Maxwell
Tuakana Co-ordinator Alison Fan
Tuakana Bella Allan-Moetaua
Tuakana Matilda Faamausili
Tuakana Gabby Galao
Tuakana Tylah Huston
Tuakana Ruby Iversen
Tuakana Lucy Peak
Tuakana Lizzie Prescott
Tuakana Maya Strez
Tuakana Pia Rodas
Tuakana Natalie Shen
Tuakana Claudia Song
Tuakana Bree Souster


House Captain Grace Adcock
Academic Prefect Ruby Eaton
Arts Prefect Princess Peregrino
Cultural Prefect Maia George
Environmental Prefect Milla Hoogeveen
Service Prefect Tessa Guthrie
Sports & Wellbeing Prefect Harriet Gowing
Tuakana Co-ordinator Holly Trent
Tuakana Freya Aitken
Tuakana Abigail Boyle
Tuakana Georgia Smith
Tuakana Maia Houkamau
Tuakana Hana Tani
Tuakana Annie Li
Tuakana Savannah-Eve Martin
Tuakana Seobeen Park
Tuakana Tori Russ


House Captain Frederika Clements
Academic Prefect Stephanie Zhou
Arts Prefect Zara Shreyoshi
Environmental Prefect Emily Lee
Cultural Prefect Alaane Dora Kolose
Service Prefect Ivy Doak
Sports & Wellbeing Prefect Madisyn Yee-Joy
Tuakana Co-ordinator Melissa Cosslett
Tuakana Yan Qi Lok
Tuakana Cheryl Siahaan
Tuakana Coco Mauger
Tuakana Paris Headford
Tuakana Michaela Pocock
Tuakana Ayva Barr
Tuakana Sophie Draper
Tuakana Kristy Zhang
Tuakana Tanisha Nambiar


House Captain Holly Isherwood
Academic Prefect Alexa Chapman-Smith
Arts Prefect Mackenzie Wills
Cultural Prefect Jessica Huang
Environmental Prefect Adriana Tobin
Service Prefect Sydney Brandolino
Sports & Wellbeing Prefect Lena Hamblyn-Ough
Tuakana Co-ordinator Ruby Waller
Tuakana Eszter Akacz-Tompa
Tuakana Monique Ellington
Tuakana Holly Hampson-Tindale
Tuakana Jaime Holdsworth
Tuakana Alishba Khan
Tuakana Annika Mikkelsen
Tuakana Emilie Murphy
Tuakana Jessica Ro
Tuakana Mia Saunders
Tuakana Ursula Stenberg
Tuakana Kavita Teles
Tuakana Tia Shun
International Prefects

Cathy Shin

Lubing Jiang

Phunatcha Fufa Pimolsri

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