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Student Leadership

Every student at Westlake Girls High School belongs to one of five houses named after significant local areas. The house colours – black, gold, red, blue and green – reflect the Olympic rings to encourage the pursuit of excellence and relate to the meaning of each of the house names. The house system offers leadership opportunities for senior students and allows all students to feel connected to a smaller community within the school. Throughout the year the houses compete in a variety of events and select a house charity to support.

Each House has a House Captain, Academic Prefect, Arts Prefect, Cultural Prefect, Environmental Prefect, Service Prefect, Sports Prefect, Tuakana Co-ordinator – and a group of Tuakana students overseeing the Junior School. We also have several International Prefects. In addition, our Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect are highly visible leaders and role models for their fellow students at assemblies and school events. They also fulfill responsibilities in the wider school community.

Prefect Roles

Message from our Head Prefect 2022

Ivy Mitchell

Receiving the call from our principal Mrs Stanley, was an amazing surprise. Initially, I was so shocked I was lost for words – something that doesn’t happen very often being someone who loves to talk! When the news finally sunk in, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was thrilled to be able to share the news with my family and  was especially over the moon to hear my good friend Ella received Deputy Head Prefect. What a cool way to end the year!

The role of Head Prefect is a huge honour, especially when serving a school such as Westlake Girls High School. I am very proud to be a Westlake student, always wearing  the blazer with pride, so being in the position to represent the school community has been a goal of mine since year nine. Throughout my time at Westlake I have been spoilt with amazing teachers, opportunities and student leaders who have guided me throughout my high school journey. To have the opportunity to represent the school that has given so much to me, and to be able to pass on this Westlake warmth to future students is very humbling. I am extremely proud to be in a position of empowering, representing and inspiring other young people.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the positive and diverse community at  Westlake Girls’ High School through numerous extracurriculars. I am particularly passionate about the humanities, and public speaking, being involved in the Westlake Amnesty International group, Model United Nations Assembly, UNICEF committee and debating teams. Service committees, student councils and language committees have also been a strong highlight of my Westlake experience. And of course, being a true school enthusiast, I enjoy spending my afternoons helping out at the school library!

A huge focus of mine is to continue to immerse myself in the school community and to put myself in a position where I’m known not as the ‘head prefect’, but as a mentor, peer and friend to all the students. I want to empower students to step outside of their comfort zones and grab opportunities that define who they are. With the recent opening of our new Events Centre (which ironically coincided with the current lockdown), I aim to maximise the potential of this awesome facility. I would love to invite the wider community into the events center and showcase the talent of our school! I hope to continue the legacy of the former Westlake Head Girls’ prefects and continue to inspire the amazing students Westlake is very lucky to have.

The community at Westlake Girls’ is the reason behind my smile as I walk into school each day. From the senior leaders to the teachers, to the students, everyone has each other’s back, and it is a lovely environment to be a part of. Westlake Girls’ often talks of the ‘sisterhood’ but it is not until you go to Westlake that you truly experience what it feels like. Having the support and love from over 2,000 students and staff will definitely put a smile on your face if you were to walk into the Westlake community. 

Head Prefects

Head Prefect

 Ivy Mitchell (at left)

Deputy Head Prefect

Ella Dorward (at right)


House Captain Ella Borrie
Academic Prefect Serena Chen
Arts Prefect Sasha Middleton
Cultural Prefect Tiana Rameka
Environment Prefect Anja Filip
Service Prefect Kayla Akkaya
Sports Prefect Aislinn Scully
Tuakana Co-ordinator Yasmeen Gurumayum
Tuakana Ella Boon-Marmont
Tuakana Georgia Craig
Tuakana Tracy Fan
Tuakana Shanelle Maria Fassioms
Tuakana JQ Huang
Tuakana Eve Natusch
Tuakana Zariel Ancog
Tuakana Diya Shah
Tuakana Anna Thomson


House Captain Tallulah Salmon
Academic Prefect Emily Zhu
Arts Prefect Madison Jagger
Cultural Prefect Nikka Caraig
Environment Prefect Moe Tun
Service Prefect Imogen Burge
Sports Prefect Islay Martin-Hill
Tuakana Co-ordinator Charlotte Blakey
Tuakana Olivia Brice
Tuakana Rikiana Hawkins
Tuakana Paige Kershaw
Tuakana Erica Lee
Tuakana Felize Naturilla
Tuakana Khanya Ndebele
Tuakana Indie Taylor
Tuakana Damla Temizsoy
Tuakana Chantelle Woodhams-Hilt


House Captain Holly Williams
Academic Prefect Rosie Larkin
Arts Prefect Ayane Kondo
Cultural Prefect Amiya Fotu
Environment Prefect Sian Moloney
Service Prefect Megan Meng
Sports Prefect Kenzie Chatfield
Tuakana Co-ordinator Sofia Greenhalgh
Tuakana Ariana Aminian
Tuakana Makayla Bray
Tuakana Yasmin Darwish
Tuakana Lyca Elcarte
Tuakana Tamika Haeufler
Tuakana Arrington Hannah
Tuakana Ella McPherson
Tuakana Cheyleigh Natana-Wihongi
Tuakana Kayley O’Connor
Tuakana Emily Rensen
Tuakana Neve Roe
Tuakana Pia Talamdon


House Captain Lucy Jobbins
Academic Prefect Chloe Eichler
Arts Prefect Leah Whitehead
Cultural Prefect Stella Ranginui
Environment Prefect Rosa Troughton
Service Prefect Kate Mole
Sports Prefect Michelle Farrell
Tuakana Co-ordinator Talei Boonen
Tuakana Charlize Espagnet
Tuakana Rose Farr
Tuakana Alice Haskell
Tuakana Alice Hirst
Tuakana Aimee Klapf
Tuakana Megha Kundapur
Tuakana Sophia Lee
Tuakana Grace Marshall
Tuakana Gemma May
Tuakana Joen Oh
Tuakana Demielle Onesemo
Tuakana Jessica Zeng


House Captain Aimee Euston-Stewart
Academic Prefect Sophie Dykgraaf
Arts Prefect India Charlesworth
Cultural Prefect Ava Jericevich
Environment Prefect Lunar Watanabe
Service Prefect Raeanne Leow
Sports Prefect Brooke James
Tuakana Co-ordinator Greer West-Hill
Tuakana Phoenix Davis-Hovell
Tuakana Amaya Lichauco
Tuakana Sejin Park
Tuakana Dhara Rana
Tuakana Tessa Rouse
Tuakana Caitlin Salud
Tuakana Natasha Solon
Tuakana Christina Stewart
Tuakana Holly Wright
International Prefects

Clara Su
Krisha Lad
Roori Lee

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