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Student Leadership

Every student at Westlake Girls High School belongs to one of five houses named after significant local areas. The house colours – black, gold, red, blue and green – reflect the Olympic rings to encourage the pursuit of excellence and relate to the meaning of each of the house names. The house system offers leadership opportunities for senior students and allows all students to feel connected to a smaller community within the school. Throughout the year the houses compete in a variety of events and select a house charity to support.

Each House has a House Captain, Academic Prefect, Arts Prefect, Cultural Prefect, Environmental Prefect, International Prefect, Service Prefect, Sports Prefect, Tuakana C0-ordinator – and a group of Tuakana students overseeing the Junior School. In addition, our Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect are highly visible leaders and role models for their fellow students at assemblies and school events. They also fulfill responsibilities in the wider school community.

Prefect Roles

Message from our Head Prefect 2021

Grace Chen

To represent such an all-rounded, diverse, hard-working school is a great honour and an invaluable opportunity for both Charis and I. I’m looking forward to representing a school that has provided me with lifelong skills and countless experiences that have helped me grow as a person. Westlake Girls High School has always pushed me to try new things and to learn from my mistakes along the way – this will undoubtedly come in handy in 2021.

Throughout my time at school, I have been passionately involved in groups such as the Westlake Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Amnesty, Cultural and Service Committees, Premier Advanced Debate Team, Smart Swans tutoring and being a librarian. I have also contributed to my community through external groups such as the UNICEF Ball Committee and being a UN Youth High School Ambassador. In 2020, I was the Top Achieving NCEA Level 1 student and also the Student Representative and really enjoyed learning about the well-oiled cogs and gears of our school. I have always been passionate about giving back to my community and enjoy meeting new people along the way.

For 2021, my aim is to work with the Prefect Team to amplify the cultural awareness at our school, creating a school community that is inclusive, caring and involved. I believe building a stronger sisterhood in our school will encourage our students to take even more risks and to express themselves more comfortably, which is essential for positive personal identity growth. Furthermore, after a whirlwind of a year in 2020, I want to promote values of organisation and balance to ensure that our students can learn and grow from the struggles they faced last year. All of us were faced with high stress at some point, so Charis and I aim to lead our students through 2021 with fresh, inspired, motivated mindsets.

Head Prefects


Head Prefect

 Grace Chen (pictured on the right)

Deputy Head Prefect

Charis Allison (pictured on the left)


House Captain Paige Blake
Academic Prefect Alyssa Pilkington
Arts Prefect Zoe Wu
Cultural Prefect Sadheera Weerapperuma
Environment Prefect Maia Abbott
International Prefect Yejin Bong
Service Prefect Jacqueline Ramon
Sports Prefect Izzy van der Ent
Tuakana Co-ordinator Mihi Kake-White
Tuakana Cassidy Coldicott
Tuakana Halle Driver
Tuakana Jaime Hanrahan
Tuakana Georgia Heron
Tuakana Kelly Lane
Tuakana Isabelle Lee
Tuakana Sheeta Mo
Tuakana Lio Otsubo
Tuakana Marin Parker
Tuakana Mauwee Louise Pena
Tuakana Elsa Popovici
Tuakana Dani Tzankov


House Captain Jumana Maash
Academic Prefect Sarah Penny
Arts Prefect Izzie Newton-Cross
Cultural Prefect Alailupe Taufateau
Environment Prefect Cara Clark-Howard
International Prefect Zichan Nancy Jing
Service Prefect Hannah Jones
Sports Prefect Georgie Shotter
Tuakana Co-ordinator Alanah Jones
Tuakana Sarah Binnie
Tuakana Georgia Cavander
Tuakana Hannah Coyle
Tuakana Logan Daly
Tuakana Natalija Hayes
Tuakana Madisson Mataafa
Tuakana Cate O’Sullivan-Watts
Tuakana Grace Ottenhof
Tuakana Ruby Qu
Tuakana Danielle Stewart
Tuakana Tara Vaughan
Tuakana Alyssa Waller


House Captain Ti’a Armstrong
Academic Prefect Ella Butler
Arts Prefect Rachel An
Cultural Prefect Jonine Tiakia
Environment Prefect Shella Dabbach
International Prefect Minji Kim
Service Prefect Kavya Mohanan Nair
Sports Prefect Kate Staines
Tuakana Co-ordinator Judy Zhang
Tuakana Shelby Fisher
Tuakana Evie Guthrie
Tuakana Easter Lee
Tuakana Nicky Mak
Tuakana Leah Patrick
Tuakana Imogen Stanton
Tuakana Mita Turaga
Tuakana Ella Ward-Smythe
Tuakana Paris Watkins Barlow


House Captain Abigail Clements
Academic Prefect Katie Booth
Arts Prefect Scarlet Hur
Cultural Prefect Tausala Puavao Tanimo
Environment Prefect Bea Wood
International Prefect Kanyanat Phutchiwiworn
Service Prefect Parmida Raeis-Hosseini
Sports Prefect Amy Morrison
Tuakana Co-ordinator Caitlin McConchie
Tuakana Olivia Anderson
Tuakana Rachel Bottcher
Tuakana Aneta Du
Tuakana Shareece Foster
Tuakana Tannith Kruger
Tuakana Caitlin Rawlings
Tuakana Lucy Wrightson
Tuakana Maia Young
Tuakana Sheena Kahui-Ariki


House Captain Aine Maloney
Academic Prefect Rosalie Dil
Arts Prefect Mia Thomas
Cultural Prefect Lily Qi
Environment Prefect Lily Winchester
International Prefect Lijing Sun
Service Prefect Tasmyn Kim
Sports Prefect Millie Wilton
Tuakana Co-ordinator Jessica Houten
Tuakana Lucy Macready
Tuakana Nazifa Shafiq
Tuakana Claire Snelling
Tuakana Liberty Te Koea
Tuakana Ashley Turner
Tuakana Olivia Vachias
Tuakana Trinity Vong
Tuakana Tessa Watson
Tuakana Zoe Wu

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