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Student Leadership

Every student at Westlake Girls High School belongs to one of five houses named after significant local areas. The house colours – black, gold, red, blue and green – reflect the Olympic rings to encourage the pursuit of excellence and relate to the meaning of each of the house names. The house system offers leadership opportunities for senior students and allows all students to feel connected to a smaller community within the school. Throughout the year the houses compete in a variety of events and select a house charity to support.

Each House has a House Captain, Academic Prefect, Arts Prefect, Cultural Prefect, Environmental Prefect, International Prefect, Service Prefect, Sports Prefect, and Junior House Prefects overseeing the Junior School. In addition, our Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect are highly visible leaders and role models for their fellow students at assemblies and school events. They also fulfill responsibilities in the wider school community.

Prefect Roles

Message from the Head Prefect

I am so grateful to have the privilege of being Westlake’s Head Prefect for 2020.

Along with my awesome Deputy Head Prefect, Darcy Frank, and the rest of the Prefect team, I really want to encourage students to make the most out of their time here at WGHS. As someone who feels I have truly engrossed myself in achieving and participating in as much as possible at this incredible school, I think it’s very important that other students feel inclined and confident to do the same. I want to enhance their ability to set and achieve high goals for themselves and have the best high school experience possible.

During my early Years 9 and 10, all the way until now, I feel the leadership teams have had a substantial influence on my journey through Westlake Girls. Whether it was coaxing me into participation in an event or fundraiser, or just how leaders presented themselves and were instinctively role models to my peers and I, their presence impacted the kind of Westlake student I have become.

Being approachable is a trait I have admired in past Prefects and leaders, so I will aim to be an approachable Head Prefect who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I can envision hardships along the way, but they will only make the high points of this year so much more enjoyable.

Hurihia to aroaro ki te ra tukuna to atarangi kia taka ki muri i a koe

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you

Kaia Tupu-South
2020 Head Prefect

Head Prefects


Head Prefect

Kaia Tupu-South (pictured right)

Deputy Head Prefect

Darcy Frank (pictured left)


House Captain Lara Remo
Academic Prefect Selin Akkaya
Arts Prefect Kayla du Plessis
Cultural Prefect Mayyada Mahmoud
Environment Prefect Grace King
International Prefect Jasmine Gong
Service Prefect Anya du Preez
Sports Prefect Greer Macintosh
Junior School Prefect Jesai Hermanoche
Junior School Prefect Alianna Brahne
Junior School Prefect Da Eun Baek
Junior School Prefect Jessica Moors
Junior School Prefect Veronica Yanga
Junior School Prefect Ashmee Ravji
Junior School Prefect Frances Glover
Junior School Prefect Millie Palmer Dale
Junior School Prefect  Reigne Eltanal


House Captain Maddison Gerbes
Academic Prefect Grace Jung
Arts Prefect Neo Caraig
Cultural Prefect Lina Yuan
Environment Prefect Bianca Fourie
International Prefect Xuan Rita Lian
Service Prefect Chanumi Sirithunga
Sports Prefect Nyla Bunyan
Junior School Prefect Holly Marshall
Junior School Prefect Amy Watson
Junior School Prefect Xanthe Price
Junior School Prefect Olivia Rowe
Junior School Prefect Stella Ebert
Junior School Prefect Zoe Penlington
Junior School Prefect Juliette Brice
Junior School Prefect Danielle Evasco
Junior School Prefect Mya Mobberley


House Captain Anya Powell
Academic Prefect Quennie Chen
Arts Prefect Annie Reed
Cultural Prefect Kika Moala
Environment Prefect Cathy Sun
International Prefect Adele Gao
Service Prefect Donia Hegazy
Sports Prefect Charlotte Lewis
Junior School Prefect Vicky Deng
Junior School Prefect Joey Huang
Junior School Prefect Yomna Hegazy
Junior School Prefect Paris Shen
Junior School Prefect Elle Bultitude
Junior School Prefect Celine Liang
Junior School Prefect Anna Tarrosa
Junior School Prefect Jessica Mak
Junior School Prefect Jessica Lee


House Captain Beth Naylor
Academic Prefect Emma Tucker
Arts Prefect Sophie McFarland
Cultural Prefect Sally Park
Environment Prefect Mia Wisniewski
International Prefect Skila Huang
Service Prefect Michele Maddren
Sports Prefect Sylvia Leadley
Junior School Prefect Gemma Douglas
Junior School Prefect Amy Ellison
Junior School Prefect Arabella Hope
Junior School Prefect Catherine Lee
Junior School Prefect Breahn Robinson
Junior School Prefect Paige Roderick
Junior School Prefect Alannah Thomas
Junior School Prefect Hannah Troughton
Junior School Prefect Blessing Tuilaepa
Junior School Prefect Sarah Waller
Junior School Prefect Jamie Whittaker
Junior School Prefect Amayah Wingfield


House Captain Sania Jafarian
Academic Prefect Aishi Jain
Arts Prefect April Barbosa
Cultural Prefect Maia Edmonds
Environment Prefect Prinisha Naidu
International Prefect Angelina Zhu
Service Prefect Charlotte Print
Sports Prefect Charli Foster
Junior School Prefect Mila Eichelsheim
Junior School Prefect Natalie Marryatt
Junior School Prefect Olivia Stephens
Junior School Prefect Sarah Strawbridge
Junior School Prefect Rachel Oh
Junior School Prefect Amber Saunders
Junior School Prefect Ava Pritchard
Junior School Prefect Viggy Veerin Wattanawong
Junior School Prefect Erica Feng

Giving Day - 28 October 2020

We are very excited to announce the first-ever Westlake Girls High School Giving Day. The building of our new Event Centre is coming along nicely, however we are seeking the community's help to get us over the line with our funding shortfall. We are aiming to raise $20,000 by midnight on Wednesday 28 October for our Event Centre - which will become the hub of our school community. You don't need to wait until the 28th - we are happily accepting donations now!

Click here to find out more, invest in the future of our students, and become part of Westlake's history.