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Studying in New Zealand


We want our students to leave Westlake as confident young women, equipped and ready for their next step in life. Through opportunities like debating, MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) and speech competitions, we help our students find their voice.

Opportunities to attend leadership courses are available to all students. Our staff encourages students demonstrating strong leadership ability to take on academic, cultural, sporting or service leadership roles at all levels. There is the opportunity for our International students to apply to become International Prefects in Year 13.

All students are encouraged to participate in a school sport during their time with us. We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities for the committed athlete to develop to their potential, and for others to play at a social or beginner level. Engagement in sport enables students to experience the health benefits that sport offers, while building a strong team and school spirit. In addition to developing interpersonal and leadership skills, sport also fosters social interaction and a sense of fair play. We have a dedicated staff of sports professionals and volunteers who are committed to ensuring our students receive the best guidance and training.

Our award-winning music ensembles have a longstanding international reputation for excellence. Finely tuned over many years, Westlake ensembles regularly achieve national honours, tour internationally and compete in overseas competitions. Each Premier ensemble group has a development pathway leading in, ensuring that every young musician is developed, whatever their starting level. Our association with Westlake Boys High School allows us to cooperate in numerous mixed ensembles, providing socialisation through music making. For many years the Westlake schools have dominated regional and national music competitions as well as achieving great success in many international competitions.

No matter what style of dance students enjoy, they will have the opportunity to develop to their potential at WGHS. Dance students regularly perform at House assemblies, there are lunchtime performances and an annual Dance Showcase where students get to develop their skills both on and offstage with organisational logistics, hair, makeup, dress rehearsals and stage management. For those with exceptional talent and passion, we have Dance Troupes in specific genres. Our courses offer expert tutorage and a wide variety of genres from different cultures and countries.

Drama helps us to make sense of the world and find our place in our community. It celebrates and explores our heritages and helps us to prepare for the future by challenging us to explore the attitudes and beliefs of characters from other worlds. Through drama, students develop a deep understanding of themselves and others. Westlake offers Drama from Year 9 all the way through to Year 13. Students learn how theatre is created, its role in history and its transformative power. Students create their own drama from a variety of stimuli, rehearse scripted work, and make rich contributions to group projects. Co-curricular drama opportunities include: The annual joint production with Westlake Boys High School, theatresports, and the University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival. These all offer vertical integration, the opportunity for senior students to mentor and guide juniors, and the chance to perform for a public audience and work alongside students from other schools.

A great way to get connected and make friends at high school is to join a club. We have more than 30 on offer including philosophy, robotics, writing, kapa haka, debating, astronomy and dance. We even have a club where students can just hang out and play board games! At the beginning of the year students get the chance to sign up for as many of these great clubs and activities as they wish.