Sporting Excellence Awards

The Westlake Girls High School Sporting Excellence Awards is a formal annual event to celebrate and recognise the sporting achievements of students at the school.  Please click on the Awards tab to have a look at the criteria set for each award.  If you think your daughter may be eligible for an award, please contact the Sports Department.  We do rely on students and parents to inform us of any out of school achievements.

The school's premier sporting teams and selected students who have achieved in individual or team sports are invited to the event.  Also invited are teachers in charge of sports, premier team coaches, managers plus parents and caregivers.

The 2018 Awards will be held on Thursday 1 November at the Westlake Boys School Auditorium. Nominations are being accepted through to Friday 28 September. Apply by filling out this WGHS Sporting Achievement Template. Please return it to Debbie Wareham at