Starting at Westlake

Staff Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Jane Stanley Principal BPhEd, PGDip Ed, Dip Tchg  
Mr Paul Davis

Deputy Principal Learning Environment, School Operations 
Year 12 students

MSc (1st Class Hons) (Chem), BSc, Dip Tchg,
Cert. Occupational Health and Safety

Mrs Merryl Hamling Deputy Principal, Assessment/Reporting 
Year 11 students
BSc, PGDip Tchg  width=
Ms Sarah Hooper
(on leave until 26 July 2021)

Deputy Principal Curriculum Leadership 
Year 13 students

BA, Dip Tchg, MProfStudsEd (1st Class Honors)   width=
Mrs Lucille Vukets

Deputy Principal Student Welfare and Leadership
Year 9 and 10 students 

BSc, Dip Tchg  width=
Ms Donna Pike Assistant Principal, Senior Leadership Administration Sec School Tchg Dip, Tchers Dip. Typwrtg. Tchers Dip, Trained Tchers Cert  width=


Mrs Katie Pearson Dean – Akoranga BA, Grad Dip Tchg   width=
Mr Will Anderton Dean – Akoranga Grad Dip Tech Tchg, Nat Dip ARch Tech   width=
Ms Louise Clouston Dean – Hauraki BIHM, Dip CA, PGDip Tchg   width=
Ms Soo Lee Dean – Hauraki BA, Dip Tchg   width=
Mrs Kate Lawrence Dean – Onewa BA, Grad Dip Tchg   width=
Ms Maggie Cogger-Orr Dean – Onewa BComm(Hons), Grad Dip Tchg   width=
Ms Rachel Carson Dean – Pupuke BMUS, Grad Dip Tchg   width=
Mrs Nicola Ov Dean – Pupuke BFA, Dip Tchg   width=
Ms Ashley Longstaff Dean – Wairau BDes Hons, GradDipSecTchg   width=
Ms Ella Wilson Dean – Wairau BA, PGDip Tchg   width=

Principal’s Personal Assistant

Ms Marie Mckerrow      width=

Alumni Co-ordinator

Mrs Cathy Roughan      width=

Marketing and Communications Manager

Mrs Christina Pollock      width=

Strategic Relationship Manager

Ms Kim Dowden       width=

Attendance Officer

Ms Nicky Morrison Ext 727    width=


Mrs Lucille Vukets      width=

Finance Department

Mrs Camila Tornquist Finance and Business Manager    width=
Mrs Karen Stevenson Accounts    width=
Mrs Shona Nolan Accounts    width=

Health Centre

Mrs Ashia Ismail-Singer RN (Senior Nurse)    
Mrs Sally McGhee RN     


Ms Carla Bickerdike Education Support Officer/Data Manager    width=
Mrs Heather Houten Education Support Administrator    width=

Careers Department

Mrs Rachel Bickerstaffe Head of Careers and Leadership Development BA, Dip Tchg, GradCertCareerDev   width=
Mrs Gemma James Careers and Student Leadership Adviser Dip Career Guidance   width=
Mrs Kiri Wilson-Cudby Gateway Coordinator BA (First Class Honours (Diplomacy and International Relations)), LLB, MA (Political Science)   width=
Ms Natalie McKerrow Careers Adviser

BA (Geography and Psychology), PGDIP Teaching, Grad Dip Applied Management, Dip Career Guidance


Learning Enhancement

Mrs Linda Clouston  Head of Department MEd (Hons), PGDip Ed (SNRT), Dip Tchg, PG Dip. Counsg   width=
Mrs Siew Lee Foo   BCo, PGDip Arts Therapy   width=
Mrs Barbara Mackay   BA, Dip Crim, Dip Tchg ECE, PGDip Counsg (TH) Distinction), Dip Tchg, MCouns(Hons)    width=
Mrs Julie Mulcahy Learning Support BEd, PG Dip Educ, Dip Tchg   width=
Ms Fleur Piper   MMgt (Dist), BA, PGDip Counselling   width=

International Department

Ms Lauranne Croot Director of International Students    
Ms Lilly Lee Head of Marketing    
Ms Kate Page Homestay Co-ordinator    
Mrs Sami Moon Marketing Liaison     
Ms Sara Limpapath Thai Marketing Liaison    
Mrs Siew Lee Foo Inter-Cultural Counsellor     
Mrs Swinny Owen Designated Caregiver Support    


Ms Fiona Mackie Teacher-Librarian    
Mrs Liz Marshall Librarian    
Mrs Cathy Todd Librarian    
Miss Ella Campbell Textbook Assistant    

Property Team

Mr Grant Brown Property Manager    
Mr Heta Witika Caretaker    
Mr David Toia Grounds    
Mr Brook Davis Grounds    

Sports Department

Ms Leisen Jobe Head of Faculty: PE, Health and Sport    
Ms Liz Page Director of Sport    
Ms April Ieremia Sports Manager    
Ms Liz O’Leary Sports Manager    
Mrs Karyn Baker Netball Manager    
Mr Stuart Dove Sports Complex Coordinator  


Mrs Jo-Anne Hutchinson      

Digital Solutions

Mr Dan Benadie Technical Solutions Manager    
Mrs Aimee Wheeler Graphic Designer and Photography

Heads of Learning Areas

Mr Graham Atkinson Mathematics and Statistics Disciplines Bsc(Hons), PGCE  
Miss Kathleen Beckett PE and Health BEd (Secondary Teaching)  
Mrs Rachel Bickerstaffe Career Development BA, Dip Tchg, GradCert Career Development  
Ms Clare Butler ESOL TBC  
Ms Paula Calver Physics BEd, BSci, PGDip Ed   
Mrs Belinda Cannan Drama BA, PGDip Tchg (Secondary)  
Ms Sara Corbett Junior Science PhD, BSc(Hons), Grad Dip Tchg (Secondary)  
Mr Phil Cowley Business Studies BA, BBS., PG Cert Ed Admin Lead, Dip Tchg  
Ms Fiona Mackie Librarian TBC  
Ms Jasmine Foote Science BSc, Dip Tchg  
Mrs Margaret Furtado Languages BFA, Dip Tchg  
Mr Eddie Hudson Te Reo Māori BPhEd, Dip Tchg  
Ms Kate Luisetti Technology BCApSc, Dip Tchg  
Miss Sherna Matta Biology BSc, PGDipSci, GDip Tchg  
Ms Shona McRae Social Science BA, BSc, Dip Tchg, ATCL  
Mr Kheang Ov Visual Arts MA (1st Class Hons), Dip Tchg, CLTA   
Mrs Giesela Visser-Heydon Dance  BA, BA(Hons), MA (Media), GradDip Tchg  
Mrs Fiona Wilson Music MA (Musiceduc), BMus, Dip Tchg   
Mrs Carol Wright English Disciplines MA, BA, Grad Dip Tchg (Secondary)  

Teaching Staff

Ms Kirsten Allen English, Specialist Classroom Teacher    
Mr Will Anderton Technology    
Mrs Emily Andrews Social Sciences    
Mrs Lizzie Beaumont Technology    
Mr Rob Belshaw Mathematics and Statistics    
Ms Devanshi Bhavsar Biology    
Mr Kendall Blue Science    
Mrs Rebecca Bouterey PE Health    
Miss Tayla Boyd PE Health    
Ms Kay Brown Social Sciences    
Ms Pip Buddle Social Sciences    
Miss Rachel Carson Music    
Mrs Christine Casey Biology and Careers    
Miss Louise Clouston Technology    
Ms Maggie Cogger-Orr      
Mrs Anna Cooper Visual Arts    
Dr Sara Corbett Science and Biology    
Mrs Gillian Crowe Mathematics and Statistics    
Ms Frances Cross PE Health    
Ms Aneta Dezoete English, Pupuke Kāhui Ako COL    
Miss Renae Dodds PE Health    
Ms Helen Drabble Languages    
Mr Charles Dugmore English    
Miss Jane Edge Media Studies, English    
Mr Derek Fenton Business Studies    
Ms Rose Fenty ESOL    
Miss Jasmine Foot Science    
Mr Michael Foster Social Sciences    
Mrs Myra Francis Languages    
Mrs Margaret Furtado Languages    
Mrs Claire Gilbert English    
Ms Sabina Giurgiu English    
Mr Leo Goh Business Studies    
Ms Maria Green Business Studies    
Mr Iain Guthrie Social Sciences    
Ms Claire Guy ESOL    
Mrs Liana Hape PE Health    
Ms Kahlia Hawkins Science    
Ms Rebecca Hay Technology    
Mr Guna Hemachandra Science    
Mrs Jane Hodges English    
Mr Stacey Hooks Social Sciences    
Ms Sarah Hooper Social Sciences    
Mr Jono Howan Music    
Mr Marwan Juma Science    
Miss Jiyoung Jun Science    
Mrs Ayesha Kausar Science, Chemistry    
Ms Beth Kelly English    
Ms Karen Kennedy Languages    
Ms Helen Kim Visual Arts, Art History    
Ms Sun Mee Kim Mathematics and Statistics    
Mrs Kate Lawrence English    
Ms Kat Lee English    
Miss Soo Lee Languages    
Ms Tara Lemon Food and Fabric Technology    
Miss Catherine Lin Mathematics and Statistics    
Mrs Ruth Linnell English    
Ms Ashley Longstaff Technology    
Ms Kate Luisetti Technology    
Mrs Lizzi McCormack Mathematics and Statistics    
Mrs Vivianne McDermott Business Studies    
Mrs Siobhan McElroy English    
Miss Ashley McKenzie PE Health    
Mrs Bethan Meikle Technology    
Ms Pamela Meyer PE Health    
Ms Mary-Jean Milburn English, Drama    
Ms Maureen Mitchley Mathematics and Statistics    
Mr Suli Moa English    
Ms Claire Moorhead Social Sciences    
Mrs Melissa Nielsen PE Health    
Mrs Eve Nettleship Mathematics and Statistics    
Ms Lisa Oddy Visual Arts    
Ms Melissa Rouse Digital Technology    
Ms Olga Pascan English    
Mr Ken Patten Science    
Mrs Philippa Pearce Science    
Mrs Katie Pearson Media Studies, English    
Mrs Gail Pocock PE Health    
Mrs Yoko Raike Mathematics and Statistics    
Ms Ingrid Renneberg Mathematics and Statistics    
Mr Dan Rennie Business Studies    
Mrs Lucy Robinson English    
Mr Victor Rosendale ESOL    
Ms Amanda Rubick Mathematics and Statistics    
Mr Kameron Sadler Social Sciences    
Mr Brett Scoones Science    
Mr Jez Scull Technology    
Mrs Kate Segetin Technology    
Mrs Sheela Shankar Business Studies    
Mrs Aarti Singh Business Studies    
Ms Irena Smolko Mathematics and Statistics    
Ms Hi Sung Son Visual Arts    
Ms Carrie Song Languages    
Ms Rico Sugiyama Languages    
Ms Toa Tanimo PE Health    
Ms Susana Tomaz Science, Robotics, TIC STEAM    
Ms Hannah Tomlinson Mathematics and Statistics    
Miss Emily Tsang Visual Arts, Art History    
Ms Courtney van Raalte Media Studies, English    
Mrs Giesela Visser-Heydon TIC Dance, Spanish    
Ms Liz Waite English    
Mr Mark Walker Science    
Ms Morgan Wensley Social Sciences    
Mr Simon Whittam Social Sciences    
Miss Lange Willard Social Sciences, Media Studies    
Ms Ella Wilson Social Sciences    
Mr Rik Wilson Visual Arts    
Ms Sarah Woodward Social Sciences    
Miss Alice Wu Mathematics and Statistics    
Ms Elaine Xu Mathematics and Statistics    
Mrs Emma Young Dance, Physical Education    
Miss Qian Zhang Science    
Ms Jenny Zuo Science    

Other Support Staff

Ms Reema Abueideh Teacher Aide    
Ms Jess Banks Teacher Aide    
Mrs Moira Clarke Event Centre Bookings    
Mrs Jan Davidson Teacher Aide    
Mrs Helena Haycock Teacher Aide    
Ms Rachel Luisetti Food Technician      
Mrs Duriena MacLeod Teacher Aide    
Mrs Farah Majid Science Lab Technician    
Ms Cheralee Manikkam Teacher Aide    
Mrs Sharon Morgan SAC Administration    
Mrs Justine Nicholson Teacher Aide    
Mrs Nancy Ralhan Teacher Aide    
Ms Susan Reshef Teacher Aide    

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