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Student Life

Clubs and Activities

We have a large range of clubs and extracurricular activities on offer.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday
Before School    


Buddy Reading at Milford Primary School Term 2 & 3  

Astronomy Club (Day 1, C7)
Enviro Group (A25)
Korean Club (D15)
MUNA (A21)
Musical Theatre Club (H1)
Neurodiversity Club (P2)
Parallax Writing Club (H8)
Spanish (M7)

WGHS Jazz Band (M2)

Amnesty International
(Every 2nd week – Year 10: A21, Year: 11 A24 & A29, Year 12: H5 & A29, Year 13: A29)
Art Club (A11)
Breathe (M9)
Cantare Choir (M2)
Spoken Word Poetry Club (H3)
Wearable Art Club (D6)

Anime Club (A12)
Biology Olympiad (S3)
Chess (P12)
Craft & Create (D4)
Diversity (A29)
Filipino Club (M9)

Inspire Club (Day 8)
Kotahi Voices (M4)
Neuroscience Club
(Day 8, S6)
Table Tennis
(Term2-3, G1)
Theatresports (H1)
Volunteering Club (M1)
Westlake Kaitiaki (Day 3 G4)
Young Physicists (S6)

Badminton Club (Gym 3)
(Term 2-3)
Bollywood Dance (G2)
Cigno Voce Choir (M2)
Choralation Choir (M2)
Dance Club (G2)
French Club (A32)
Knitting/Crocheting (C1)
Maths Club (D15)
Philosophy Club (A29)
STEAM Makerspace Club

Chemistry Olympiad (A3)
Chinese Club (A16)
Future Problem Solving (S1)

Gardening Club (S Block)
Readers Club (H3)
Rotary Interact (A27)

40 Hour Famine Student Committee – end half of Term 1 and all of Term 2 (A29)

After School

Dance Troupes (G2)

Fitness Room open
Marching (Covered Courts)
Taharoto Orchestra (EC)
Westlake Big Band (WBHS)
WGHS Symphonic Band (EC)

International Homework
Club (M1)

Fitness circuit with instructor  (Fitness room)
Westlake Symphony
Orchestra (EC)

Cantare Choir (EC)
Marching (Covered Courts)

Westlake Concert Band

Yoga with instructor  (Fitness room)

Cigno Voce Choir (M2)
Choralation Choir (EC)
Nota Bella (M2)

Fitness Room open

Westlake Chamber
Orchestra (M2)

Click here to find out more about each club – who to contact and when they meet.

Club/Activity Details

Amine Club: Westlake Girls Anime Club is a club established in 2018, by a group of alumni and some of our current leaders. We are meeting every Wednesday lunch time in Room A12. We have more than 30 members. The aim of the club is to promote Japanese subcultures, such as anime and manga, and the jobs available that are related, for example, voice actors, animators, and manga artists. The club has organised various events within the club like the poster and mascot design competitions, favourite anime presentations, and anime related kahoots. These activities allow students to learn and experience what professionals do to produce anime and manga that we enjoy.

Adventure Racing: This is a multidisciplinary sport involving mountain biking, orienteering, problem solving, water-based activities, teamwork and much more! We combine with Westlake Boys High School as teams consist of 4 girls and 4 boys. Given the complex nature of the sport trainings are carried out both locally at WGHS and WBHS as well as outdoor locations such as the Woodhill forest. National events are held on the Great Barrier Island for junior qualifiers and at National Park for senior qualifiers.

Amnesty International: We are the largest school group in Aotearoa/NZ and have a long, proud tradition at WGHS. We discuss and take action on local, national and global human rights issues. During Term 3 we hold the annual Freedom Challenge, which involves a week of different lunchtime activities centred around a theme set by Amnesty International NZ. Sign-ups occur in Term 1 and we hold meetings during Term 1, 2 and 3 only. 

Art Club Karapu Toi: A quiet space that you can come to draw or work  on your own art projects.

Astronomy Club: Have you ever gazed at the stars on a clear night and wondered how it all began? Have you ever asked yourself if Earth is the only planet in the Universe that supports life? Have you ever pondered the nature of the planets, stars, galaxies and the Universe itself? If you would like to learn more, join Astronomy Club. All levels welcome. 

Badminton Club: Everyone is welcome to come along and have fun.

Bollywood Dance Group: Bollywood Dance Group  is an opportunity for students  to experience  popular and energetic styles of dance. Participating will help you explore Bollywood from its origins in classical to modern trends of dance style as it is today. The existing leaders will guide students on this journey through the history, language, stories and dance styles.

Biology Olympiad: A prestigious NZ based Biology competition aimed at Year 12 and 13 Biology students. It’s a great opportunity to grow in Biology and learn about current research.

Breathe: Mindfulness and meditation.

Buddy Reading with Milford Primary: Supports young learners at Milford School in Shakespeare Road.

Cantar Choir: Cantare is regarded as one of the top secondary schools choirs in New Zealand, awarded Gold at The Big Sing National Finale for the last 4 national competitions.

Chemistry Olympiad: The annual Chemistry Olympiad is an international chemistry competition for teams of four young people from around the world. The New Zealand team is selected, trained and coordinated as a collaboration between the universities and high schools. 

Chess: We are meeting twice a week and have more than 50 members. There are 2 teams, one competitive and one social team. We  compete among ourselves and once a year we attend the National Interschool Tournament. Last year our team came 3rd in New Zealand and 4 of our students took, first, second and 2 third places at the National level. 

Chinese Club: Chinese Club aims to bring students together for a lunchtime of games, arts and crafts. You will have fun while having the opportunities to peek into one of the oldest civilization, both its past and present. Some of the activities include bracelet making, calligraphy, movies, martial arts, Chinese Zither.

Choralation Choir: Choralation rehearses twice a week and all female singers have vocal lessons with tutor James Harrison. Choralation is regarded as one of the top secondary schools choirs in New Zealand, awarded Platinum and Gold at The Big Sing Finale for the last 15  national competitions. 

Cigno Voce Choir: Cigno Voce provides students with the opportunity to sing a variety of music in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, and develop their voice in the process.

Craft & Create: We are a group of people who make, create and like to get hands on with stuff. Craft club is a space for you to create and share your ideas with other like minded people.

Dance Club: Want to learn some new moves? Want to try some new genres and styles of Dance? Come and have some fun and learn from other students in our Dance studio.

Dance Troupes: Dance Troupes provides an extension activity for dancers who have a background in: Jazz  – Lyrical  – Hip Hop  – K-Pop, Latin American – Contemporary. Students compete and represent Westlake Girls at the National Dance Competition in June.

Debating: We have Debating for Years 10-13. Numbers are limited and priority is given to experienced debaters only.

Diversity: Diversity is a safe, friendly, empowering and supportive place for students who identify as LGBTQI+, and those students and staff, who seek to support them. Together we organise Rainbow events around our school, and also meet on Wednesdays at lunchtime.

Duke of Edinburgh: The Duke of Edinburgh Award is offered to all students from Year 10 and above. There will be a Year 10 Assembly during term 2. (There are no signups for Year 10 until after the assembly promoting DOE)

Enviro Group: Do you care about the environment? Come and join other environmentally conscious students wanting to make a collective effort to save our planet. We’re a friendly group and you will be working with members of the Westlake Community, other local schools and external organisations.

Esports Club: The focus of our club is to create a fun and positive environment to play and learn games. This will be a great place for gamers to meet and explore your interests. Esports is a growing area which develops skills in perseverance and strategy. You may have it in you to be the next pro player!

Evolocity: Building an electric vehicle to compete in the National Evolocity Competition.

Filipino Club: If you are interested in the Filipino culture, come join us! There are opportunities to teach Tagalog to students of other schools virtually, interact with other Filipino Clubs in Auckland and potentially perform at the Filipino Night. It is our first year to have this group – we are excited to meet you!

Fitness Room: Fitness room will open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Just turn up with gear to have a workout. There will be a staff member there to help. 

French Club: If you’re fascinated by all things French come along to French Club where you will be immersed in French food, music, films, games/quizzes, history and moreOpen to all year groups and levels of French knowledge, you don’t even need to take French to join! Activities will range from making French food to watching iconic French films and listening to the most popular French artists. So come along and explore all the great things that French culture has to offer.

Future Problem Solving: Future Problem Solving is the program that encourages students to think in futuristic manner. Students examine problems from a wide range of angles, then create solutions via a 6 step process that have the potential to resolve them. This is done both individually and in teams, encouraging collaboration and fostering creativity. In addition to the problem-solving aspect of FPS, there is a scenario writing option. Scenario writers can create worlds set in the future, complete with all the issues that could come to pass. In essence, FPS is a program that encourages research, critical thinking and concise writing, all valuable skills in the 21st century. This year the topics are E-waste, Digital Realities, Robotic Workforce and Throw Away Society

Gardening Club: Do you love gardening and engaging with nature? Have you ever wanted to give gardening a go? We have several gardens around the school that we look after, and we also help look after the Diabetes Clinic Food Gardens at the North Shore Hospital. We grow everything from flowers to vegetables. You will learn how to grow plants from seeds, how to grow vegetables in even the smallest spaces, and how to look after and nurture any plant.  Gardening is a great way to connect with nature, reduce stress, and have fun with like-minded people.

Inspire Christian Club: God loves us and we would like to share that love with others. We study the Bible, sing songs, watch video clips and share experiences.

International Homework Club: The Homework club provides a quiet space for our International Junior students to get extra help with their classwork and homework.  It also provides a great opportunity for you to meet new friends.  Our International prefects and senior students are happy to help you.

Kapa haka: Kapa Haka is a cultural group providing opportunities for people to interact and have fun while being exposed to tikanga Māori. Students immerse themselves in learning through waiata, haka and poi. There are a variety of occasions we perform at, including Polyfest, Culture Week, Māori Language Week, and Te Ahurea Tino Rangatiratanga. Students in this group working towards NCEA, also have the opportunity to earn up to 10 Level 3 Māori Performing credits. This can be achieved by both juniors and seniors. We love welcoming new faces to our rōpū who share an interest in the Māori language and culture.

Korean Club: Are you interested in Korean dramas or movies?  In K-drama Club, you can relax and enjoy watching k-dramas with everyone there. It is a place where you can have fun and a rest from the pressures of school work. Occasionally, we also have fun activities with rewards about k-dramas/movies and the Korean culture. 

Knitting/Crocheting: Learn the relaxing art of knitting or crocheting. Learn the basic stitches and create masterpieces. The first project is a baby beanie. You should have your own knitting needles and yarn. For crocheting you should have your own hook and yarn. Please only join if you intend to commit to this club and learn the skills. 

Kōtahi Voices: Kōtahi Voices is the un-auditioned choir at WGHS and singers meet in M4 during Wednesday lunchtime. The choir sings music from a range of contemporary styles and you don’t need to read music to join up. Kōtahi Voices is directed by Miss Gomez who is the contemporary voice teacher. Bring your friends and come along to have some singing fun! 

Let’s Get Physical: Do you being active, making friends, playing games in groups and challenging your friends. THEN THIS place is for YOU!

Marching Team: Westlake has an Under 16 competitive Marching Team. Our teams have achieved Championship status in New Zealand, and Westlake is well known within the Marching Community. Marching offers participants team spirit, self-discipline, physical fitness, personal achievement, opportunities for travel and life long friendships.

Maths Club: Do you love numbers, patterns and symbols? In Math Club, we meet together to solve challenging and fun questions beyond the school curriculum and work on Maths competition questions. We also run the training for Junior Mathex teams.

MUNA: Model United Nations Assembly is an annual event held at Auckland Girls Grammar School (May). Over 100 teams from different schools around the North Island attend. We normally have 3 country delegate teams and 1 Press Team. If you like researching and discussing international issues then this is the club for you! We will call for applications in mid-Term 1. This is open to Year 11, 12 and 13 students.

Musical Theater Club: We watch some musicals and learn new skills like how to prepare for auditions and how to stand out from the crowd. We will also offer workshops with industry professionals.

Neuro-Diversity: We are a group for the neurodiverse: people whose brains are wired differently. These include ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Tourettes, etc. We are a safe space where we encourage each others’ interests, share stims and stories in a supportive place.

Neuroscience Club: A wonderful opportunity to discover the world of Neuroscience. This club will provide you with the unique opportunity to learn about the human brain during high school. This is an avenue which will help you understand and become more knowledgeable about human biology, as this area of study is very limited in the NCEA biology standards studied at Westlake Girls. This may help you later on in your tertiary education if you choose to do biology related courses, such as medicine. Neuroscience studies the most complex and fascinating organ in the human body, one that we take a deep interest in and want to provide you with the opportunity to do so as well.

Nota Bella Choir: Nota Bella choir  is the junior choir for students in Year 9  & 10. The choir rehearse on Thursday afternoons from 3:30 – 5:30pm and learn a range of music and musicianship skills. All singers have weekly vocal lessons with tutor Mrs Kate Webber. Nota Bella enjoy performing in the school community and in Auckland Town Hall as part of The Big Sing Festival.

Orienteering: Orienteering is sport where you navigate your way around a course (ranging from schools to farms to forests) using a map and compass. This is a fun way to test your navigation skills with friends – try not to get lost! You also get to visit some amazing places like Nelson and Hawkes Bay, as well as make friends from other schools!

Pasifika Committee: The Pasifika Committee promotes and organises the Pasifika Languages weeks at Westlake Girls. This group meets before languages weeks to plan and organise games and activities that are run within school to promote our schools Pasifika Culture. These activities include performances with the boys school, fundraising opportunities, traditional cultural games, guest speakers and quizzes.

Parallax Writing Club: We are a group of students with a passion for writing.  We work throughout the year to create our school publication ‘Parallax’.  ‘Parallax’ combines writing of all genres alongside the artworks of some of the schools most talented artists. Contributors can make submissions in any written or artistic form. Our purpose is to explore our writing, provide a positive environment for every student to develop their skills as a poet, journalist, author.

Philosophy Club: The Westlake Girls’ Philosophy Club is a group of students who like to apply good, old-fashioned philosophy to modern day problems! We meet weekly on Thursday at lunch time indoors and out! Pair and group discussions (often including some amateur diagrams drawn by our student leaders). We tackle some of the classics that you’ve probably heard about in a dozen TED Ed videos. Our goal is to bring philosophy into the modern world. 

Production(s) for 2023: An annual event involving both Westlake schools. In 2023, there will be not one, but TWO shows: Into the Woods and As You Like It.

Readers Club: Our purpose is to meet with others who love books and who love to read. This is for juniors and seniors – everyone is welcome to come along. We meet every second Friday at lunchtime to discuss books, have kahoots, take part in activities, talk about our favourite authors, and make lasting friendships.

Rotary Interact Club: A global network of neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. 

Showquest: For Showquest we get an awesome group of students together to put together a stage performance which is designed to communicate an important message/theme. We also have a fantastic behind the scenes crew who make costumes and props to add to our performance. This group is student lead with a team of leaders who create, choreograph, direct and lead the group in putting this amazing spectacle together! We then take a trip into the city to rehearse and then perform our piece for the judges. A wicked day!!

Spanish Club: Activities include games, films, culture and conversation. The objectives of the club are social interaction and confidence-building in speaking and understanding spoken Spanish. This is an inclusive club. All students are welcome to attend, not only current students of Spanish. 

Sports gear available to use every lunch time from sports department – sign in and out gear.

Spoken Word Poetry Club: Do you love poetry? Do you love performing?  Why not give Spoken Word Poetry a go! We will meet to share ideas, write together, watch and discuss spoken word, and perform in a safe space. Support and workshops will be run by Word-The Front Line. There is an option to enter a inter-school poetry slam competition.

STEAM MakerSpace Club: The STEAM makerspace allows you to bring your creativity to life. You are able to create around your interests while learning how to use technology in a fun way, such as 3D printing, spheros, sticker making, virtual reality, minecraft in a fun and positive way.

Table Tennis Club: Table tennis club starts in Term 2 and continues through to Term 3. Everyone is welcome to join, come along have some fun.

Taharoto Orchestra: Taharoto Orchestra is for developing orchestral players who are learning string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments from beginner to Grade 4 level.

Theatresports: Theatresports is improvised theatre and games run by senior students.  Working in small groups, you present short scenes with nothing more than a few suggestions from the audience to get you going.  This is on the spot drama that runs on good humour and adrenaline! We run Social Theatresports on Wednesday lunchtimes in H1.  This is for students looking to get to know new people, develop their acting skills, have fun.  You are welcome to join at any point in the year. For those wanting to stretch themselves, we also offer Competitive Theatresports.  Students who participate in this will be tutored by a professional tutor from the Theatresports Youth Programme, and will participate in a range of competitions around Auckland.

Volunteering Club: Our purpose is to promote the benefits of volunteering, to help students develop their interests, career pathways and express kindness through voluntary services. To help you find the opportunity that suits you perfectly – whether you are here to return to your community, to meet new people and learn new things or to land an internship/job by gaining experience. We are a branch of the nationwide SVA (student volunteer army) so you can earn badges for your volunteering hours.

Wearable Arts: If you are interested in entering any Wearable Art competitions this year such as TOI Wearable Art, Miromoda, etc come to D6. Students can work in groups or individually to create their wonderful innovative creations.

Well Foundation: Are you a year 12 or 13 student? Would you like to volunteer to visit patients at North Shore Hospital? This is your chance to give back to the community and help someone who may be feeling lonely and would love some company during their stay.

Westlake Big Band: Westlake Big Band (WBB) is a band for premier players who are proficient playing in jazz and big band styles.  WBB is a mixed group and rehearse on Monday nights at WBHS with music teacher Miss Barker.  WBB perform frequently within the Westlake school communities and wider Auckland region, and have received Silver and Gold Awards at KBB Music Festival over the years.

Westlake Chamber Orchestra: Westlake Chamber Orchestra (WCO) is a string ensemble for premier players.  WCO is a mixed group and rehearse on Fridays before school with director Ms Miranda Adams.  Ms Adams is an experienced violinist with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and brings a wealth of professional experience to this ensemble. WCO perform frequently within the Westlake school communities and Auckland region, and have received Silver and Gold Awards at KBB Music Festival over the years.

Westlake Concert Band: Westlake Concert Band (WCB) is a band for premier brass and woodwind players. WCB is a mixed group of around 80 students who rehearse on Wednesday mornings at WBHS with Music HOD Mr Robinson.  WCB perform frequently within the Westlake school communities and wider Auckland region, and have consistently received Gold Awards at KBB Music Festival over the years.

Westlake Girls Jazz Band: The Westlake Girls Jazz Band is a new group starting up this year. The group plays jazz and funk tunes with a focus on improvisation. Rehearsals have already begun but we are still looking for any Brass or Bass players (electric or upright) to join us.

Westlake Symphony Orchestra: Westlake Symphony Orchestra (WSO) is for premier string, brass and woodwind players. WSO is a mixed group of around 70 students who rehearse on Tuesday afternoons at WGHS with Mr Squire.  WSO perform frequently within the Westlake school communities and wider Auckland region, and have consistently received Gold Awards at KBB Music Festival over the years.

Windsurfing: Each Wednesday afternoon at 4pm we go for windsurfing lessons at Lake Pupuke with Alan from Mad Loop. The club runs during term 1 and term 4. No experience is needed and it is a great sport to do in Auckland as it is often windy. Lessons run from 4pm to 5pm. All gear is provided.

Westlake Kaitiaki: The Westlake Kaitiaki are a group of students who are passionate about protecting the environment and putting environmental education into hands-on practice. Set up by Anja Filip in 2022, this year, the Kaitiaki will once again be adopting Smith’s Bush and working hard to make it a safe haven for native species. We meet in the classroom to discuss conservation actions and learn about conservation, and also do trips to Smiths Bush for practical conservation actions which involve rubbish collection, planting, pest trapping, stream monitoring, etc. There is a limited number of spaces available and you are required to be able to attend lunchtime meetings and after school trips to Smiths Bush.

Westlake Girls Symphonic Band: The Westlake Girls Symphonic Band is a development group for musicians of all skill levels. The band plays a diverse range of repertoire, including movie soundtracks, concert band pieces, and pop arrangements for band. 

World Vision / 40 Hour Famine Challenge: This amazing event has taken place every year in NZ since 1975. Over a weekend in Term 2, students can choose a challenge to complete for 20 or 40 hours. In return their sponsors donate money. The money goes towards development projects in countries around the world. The focus this year is access to clean water.

Yoga on Wednesday after school every week: Interested in yoga and never done it before – come try out Yoga on Wednesdays with Nicole in the fitness room. All you have to do is turn up with a change of gear.

Young Enterprise: Through The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme, students learn about business planning and operations, develop a range of personal and business skills and consult with and create networks in their community.

Young Physicist’s Tournament: We are preparing for the New Zealand Young Physicist’s Tournament next year.

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