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We update our policies regularly. The policies that are not linked to documents are available on request by emailing 

School Policies

1.1 Education Outside the Classroom
1.2 Sports Guidelines and Rules
1.3 NQF NCEA Policy Update
1.4 Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource
1.5 Work Experience and Work Placement
1.6 Gifted and Talented/Scholarship
1.7 ESOL Policy

2.1 School Reporting
2.2 Time in Lieu Policy

3.1 Leave – Discretionary
3.2 Professional Development
3.4 Staff Exit Policy
3.5 Performance Management
3.6 Personnel – Teaching Staff Appointments
3.8 Personnel – Teacher Trainees
3.9 Personnel – Support Staff Appointments
3.10 Timetabling Policy

4.1 Purchasing and Invoicing
4.2 Sensitive Expenditure
4.4 Property Maintenance

5.1 Child Abuse
5.2 Crisis
5.3 Drug and Alcohol
5.4 Emergency Disaster
5.6 In-School Discipline and Fairness
5.8 Cyber Safety
5.9 Child Protection Policy
5.10 Transport
5.11 Learning Enhancement and Health Centre
5.12 Smoke-Free
5.13 Food and Nutrition
5.14 Food Handling and Safety

6.5 Surveillance, Surrender, Retention and Search

Board Policies


1.1 School Strategies Plan Policy
1.2 Curriculum Delivery Policy
1.3 Treaty of Waitangi Policy

Documentation and Self Review

2.1 Reporting Policy
2.2 Self-Review Policy


3.1 Reporting Policy
3.2 Appointments Policy 
3.3 Equal Employment Opportunities Policy
3.4 Principal’s Appraisal Policy
3.5 Protected Disclosures Policy

Financial and Property Management

4.1 Financial Planning Policy
4.2 Financial Condition Policy
4.3 Asset Protection Policy

Health and Safety

5.1 Health and Safety Policy
5.2 Child Protection Policy
5.3 School Discipline Policy
5.5 Health & Safety Policy
5.7 Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination

General Legislation and Administration

6.1 Privacy Policy
6.2 Complaints Policy 
6.3 Uniform Policy
6.4 International Students Policy
6.5 International Students Policy
6.6 Media Communication Policy
6.7 Protection and Sharing of Intellectual Property Policy
6.8 Legal Responsibilities Policy


Out-of-zone applications now closed

Out-of-zone applications for enrolment to study in 2023 are now closed. If you have sent in an application, you will hear from us shortly. Applications from students who live in-zone are still being accepted HERE