CYGNET Programme

Westlake Girls High School is a leading New Zealand sporting school with a proud history of sporting participation and excellence. Year 9 and 10 students can apply to join the WGHS CYGNET (Challenging Youth to Grow through Nurturing Emerging Talent) Sports Programme, however there are limited places available.

An innovative collaboration between Sport, Physical Education and Health, CYGNET is an innovative, cross-curricular programme aimed at developing sporting skills.

Timetabled as a curriculum subject, CYGNET participants attend three periods (Code, Health and Curriculum PE) in a six day timetable, growing confidence both interpersonally and in their sport of choice.

Sports Science theory covers basic anatomy and biomechanics, sports injury prevention, principles of training, nutrition, goal setting and sport psychology, along with core Health.

CYGNET Brochure (PDF)



Year 8 applications are invited after the Information Evening in July. Year 8 students must complete the CYGNET Application Form in their Enrolment Pack and bring it with them to their enrolment interview. Following a selection process, identified Year 8 students will be contacted and invited to trial for their chosen sport. The trials will be held in Term 4.

Year 9 CYGNET students must re-apply to continue in CYGNET.