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Student Life

CYGNET Programme

Westlake Girls High School (WGHS) is a leading New Zealand sporting school with a proud history of sporting participation and excellence.

Year 9 and 10 students who demonstrate a high ability and commitment to their chosen sport may apply to join the CYGNET programme. This programme aims to develop and extend skills of promising athletes by offering sport specific training and topics related to athlete development.

CYGNET is an innovative, cross-curricular programme aimed at developing motivated athletes. Timetabled as a curriculum subject, CYGNET students attend three periods in a six day timetable, growing confidence both interpersonally and in their sport of choice. Additional to physical education classes, students will also cover fitness, strength conditioning, nutrition, sports science, skills training, mental skills and core health. Lessons are always positive, challenging and focus on extending the students. CYGNET students are expected to represent the school.

WGHS Cygnet Brochure




CYGNET Football strengthens skills, decision-making, tactical knowledge, balance, co-ordination, speed and agility in an environment that improves individual confidence and all round ability. 


CYGNET Hockey develops an understanding of Hockey’s strategic requirements, while participants improve individual performances. This programme will enhance the student’s skill development in an environment that extends them as an athlete.


CYGNET Netball covers passing, catching, footwork, movement of the ball, tactical awareness and mental preparation. This programme will enhance the student’s skill development in an environment that extends them as an athlete.


CYGNET Rowing focuses on developing core health and fitness. Year 9 students learn the basic rowing stroke and technique. Year 10 students focus on existing skills in small boats and components of strength and conditioning. CYGNET students commence rowing for the school in September, with the season extending until early April.

Rugby and Touch Rugby

CYGNET Rugby and Touch Rugby focuses on challenging participants to continuously improve, through quality coaching and training sessions all year. CYGNET Rugby and Touch Rugby students will receive coaching and skill development from experienced Rugby and Touch Rugby professionals.


Year 8 applications are invited after the Information Evening on Tuesday 18 July 2023. Year 8 students must complete the online application form. Applications must be received by the last day of Term 3. Following a selection process, identified Year 8 students will be contacted and invited to trial for their chosen sport. The trials will be held in Term 4.  Year 9 CYGNET students must re-apply to continue in CYGNET.

Apply for the 2024 CYGNET Programme here

2024 Cygnet Registrations for both Year 9 and Year 10 will close on Friday 22 September.

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