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Hong Kong
This is my second year at Westlake Girls High School. The reason I chose WGHS is that the graduation rates  are relatively high. I still remember my first day at WGHS. It didn’t seem strange to me, instead, it felt warm and welcoming. I have made lots of friends, everyone is friendly, and I enjoy studying at WGHS. The most important thing is that I have improved my grade here because the teachers are patient and have a high education standard.


WGHS is an excellent reflection of New Zealand, which is multicultural, diverse, inclusive and a safe community.

WGHS also provides a sense of belonging among students. I have become a member of the student council this year and we have discussed several issues that we and the school can improve on. The school listens to every single voice. I have achieved excellent academic results which is very satisfying. The international department tracks our learning progress. They care about our well- being. We receive weekly messages on google classroom from the teachers in charge and these posts are very motivating and sweet. WGHS has provided great opportunities for me to broaden my perspective. Being at Westlake has become one of the most precious memories of my life.


This is my last year of studying at WGHS and I can’t believe that time passes so quickly. I always remember how I wasn’t used to the environment and lifestyle when I first came to New Zealand about three years ago. I feel so lucky to be in Westlake because it gives students a variety of opportunities to participate in activities that help one to discover the things they like to do. My favourite thing in school is to have composition lessons in music because it is my passion and that all of my teachers are so nice and are being really helpful. WGHS has provided me an opportunity to learn under a multicultural environment and make friends from different countries. I will always remember the beautiful memories that I have of Westlake.


When I first came to WGHS my English wasn’t very good but since I’ve been here it has improved a lot. I love that I have so many friends from different countries and I can learn about their culture through our conversations. Being away from home I have become more independent and learnt lots of things about myself. My homestay mother always encouraged me and told me that my English was improving day by day. She cheered me up and made me feel more confident. I feel so grateful to have had her as my homestay mother.


I really enjoy my time studying at Westlake Girls High School because the school offers various subjects, lots of programmes and activities that helped me to decide my future career pathway. The teachers and friends are welcoming. At first, it was very difficult being away from home, family and friends but I have gained a lot from my experience. I have become more independent and confident. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to study abroad in New Zealand with the friendly people and beautiful nature.


Studying in New Zealand and at Westlake Girls gave me a wider view of the world. It exposed me to a different culture and therefore allowed me to appreciate the different cultures of the world.

One of the things that I like most about studying at Westlake is how they offer a range of subjects. We are given the opportunity to learn and explore our interests and are not constrained and stuck with subjects we feel aren’t for us. Westlake also offers a lot of opportunities and extra co-curricular activities that enabled me to step out of my comfort zone, discover new skills and hobbies and meet other people who share my interests. Learning has become more enjoyable and less stressful. I really enjoy studying at Westlake and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start an adventure that will enrich their lives.


A lot has changed since I came here six months ago. I   am now less shy and less stressed about schoolwork. I like studying in New Zealand as there is more freedom to study the subjects I am interested in. I really enjoy my food technology lessons which I didn’t have in Korea. Westlake has a diverse range of cultures and my english has improved since interacting with students from New Zealand and other countries. The teachers work hard to make sure international students are enjoying school and their new life in New Zealand.


When I came to WGHS, everything was new to me. If I don’t understand something, teachers are always kind to me and answer my questions. There are a lot of different nationalities at Westlake, the students are kind and help me when I don’t understand some Kiwi pronunciations. Some of them also teach me some vocabulary that helps me to improve my English skills.

Beyond learning subjects, I also learn about Kiwi culture from my homestay. They always introduce me to some local foods. I really like my homestay family because they are friendly and I always talk to them. They make me feel more confident to speak English.



As soon as I arrived at Westlake, I felt welcome. I have met so many wonderful people and of course my English has improved. My favourite thing about Westlake is that there are so many opportunities to get involved in. You get to pick your subjects and you can join choirs, play sports and more. I loved playing basketball and I also joined a choir, in which I met many of my friends.

Being away from home, not only improved my English, it also helped me to become more open minded, talk to people I did not know and of course it made me independent. I learned how to cook, make my bed, and tidy my room without my mom telling me to.

If you are thinking of joining Westlake, I would tell you to do so. I loved the environment of my school, the friendly atmosphere, and the fact that the international department were always there to support me if I had a problem. I am beyond thankful, to be able to experience such a fantastic adventure on the other side of the world, far away from home.