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International Student – China
I still remember the day when I first came to WGHS. I was very poor at English and I always needed some help from my friend by translating English to Chinese. It was really hard to catch up on all the subjects, because I couldn’t understand what the teacher was talking about.

But now I have changed and I can now help other students who can not speak English. I now get excellent grades from my teachers. I have seen my growth and I am glad to have good friends, a supportive homestay and great teachers.

Jee Won Baek

International Student – Korea
After attending Westlake Girls High School for two years, I have come to realize the difference between New Zealand schools and Korean schools. New Zealand schools have more freedom of choice. It is amazing that I can choose my own subjects and the subjects love.

My English has improved over these two years. What I really like about Westlake Girls is that there are many flowers and beautiful gardens which brighten up the school.

All the teachers are very friendly, helpful and wonderful. Choosing WGHS to study in, is one of the most important things have done so far and I have had absolutely no regrets at all for choosing this school.

I really want to study in this kind of environment until I graduate and achieve all of my goals.


International Student – Taiwan
My three years at Westlake Girls has been an awesome experience.

I have become independent and very sociable. I have met many new friends from all parts of the world. Studying overseas seems very difficult when the idea first came to my mind, but when I got to New Zealand the people were so friendly and accepting.

New Zealand became my home instantly and I began to learn the different culture and lifestyle. The teachers from the international department make sure the students are placed in a safe,comfortable and happy environment which makes our stay more memorable.

Whenever we experience any problem we could always depend on our teachers. Westlake Girls High School is your best choice to study and become a successful overseas student.


International Student – Taiwan
Today Debbie has made Westlake Girls really proud of her. A meeting had been organised by Debbie Chambers from Study Auckand/ Tourism Auckand. Debbie spoke of her life from the time she left Taiwan to her ambitions for the future. (She has been with us for the last three years and is sitting NCEA at this time) Present were members from educational institutions on the North Shore and about thirty agents. We wish her happiness and success studying Social Working at The Auckland University


International Exchange Student – Germany
“Now at the end of my exchange I realised that I have achieved so much more in New Zealand than I expected to. Improving my English was only a small part of my achievements. I learned how to solve problems and be responsible for myself. Moreover I made friends with people from all over the world. Of course it can be quite rough to be away from your family sometimes, but there are so many people who support you and show that you are not alone. I really believe that during this year every experience was a good one, it doesn’t matter if it felt sometimes not so good, but you always learn a lot about yourself.
Thanks to all the people who made this exchange unforgettable for me, I will miss them all very much!


International Student – Japan
When I arrived at Auckland airport in January, my first thought was “it is beautiful here”. New Zealand’s scenery has a beauty which is different from Japan. First of all, I felt happy that I could live among New Zealand’s beautiful nature.

I liked not only the nature but also my school Westlake Girls High School.

I was not able to choose which school I attended because my Japanese school decided for me, however, I am glad that I could be a student here. One of the reasons why I am glad is because I could sew clothes at school. I had never sewn before but now I can even make a dress!

I want to study more and get a career which involves sewing, if I had not come to Westlake Girls I would not have found my dream. I want to be a designer.


International Student : Germany
Everyone tells you that an exchange year is the best thing you can ever do.

Honestly, I can say it’s true. I’ve been in Auckland for eight months and have achieved so much. Learning a different culture, learning a new language, I have also got to know myself better.

I have a 2nd life in New Zealand. I have travelled to the south island, Australia and my latest highlight: the Spirit of Adventure, a sailing trip with 39 other students from all over NZ. We spent 10 days on a ship and learned about sailing, leadership and teamwork.

“A year abroad changes you”, that is what everyone told me before I left but I have to correct it a little bit: A year abroad changes you if you’re open minded to new & different things that’s what New Zealand taught me. Carpe Diem!


International Student – Russia
It proved to be quite easy to make contact with New Zealand and with the school, and as the international student system is well established here, organize my studies. Before I knew it, I was off to lands unknown (NZ).

Westlake Girls is a large, well-recognized school with a developed system of hosting international students. It has a very wide range of career orientated subjects, as well as many extracurricular activities and good student assistance, socially and academically.

Where I live in Takapuna it is safe and has many facilities such as libraries, shops and restaurants, quite near the beaches. I also like to go to central Auckland at the weekends as it provides so many forms of entertainment, from cinemas and shopping, to galleries and museums.


International Student – Germany
When I first came to Westlake Girls High School, I thought “How can I study only with girls?”

It was easy to study with girls, because everyone is thinking the same way as you.

I never had the chance to wear a uniform in Germany, because there are only a few schools which offer this. The school uniform is attractive and underlines the whole equality thing. Trust me it is also much easier to get dressed in the morning.

Now I realize, this has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had and one of the best times in my entire life.You get to know new people, you will improve your knowledge in everything (not only English) and you’ll be introduced to a completely unknown new culture and country. This is not an experience for one year, this is an experience for a lifetime


International Student – Taiwan
It was a big challenge to study overseas as an international student without my family around me. I had to rely on myself and I have grown up to a more mature person with this great experience.

Students get the chance to have new experiences in a completely different country with different people, different culture and different lifestyle.

What I really like about the school is that they try their best to find the most appropriate host family for the student.

Especially I love the ‘Kiwi’ lifestyle’.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is enthusiastic about making friends with different nationalities. A GREAT EXPERIENCE and it actually benefits us in our future.

Westlake Girls High School, is a school where you can develop the “real you”.