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Starting arrangements January 2019

Here are the starting arrangements for students attending Westlake Girls High School in 2019.

Tuesday 29 January
Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students

Those who are new to the school in 2019 should come to the Covered Courts at 8.50am for a powhiri. You will then be assigned your form class. 

Students who attended WGHS in 2018 are to go to your 2018 Form Room at 9.15am. 

All students will be released at approximately 11.30am.

Wednesday 30 January
Year 9 students and Year 13 Student Leaders

Meet at the Covered Courts at 8.45am for a powhiri. You will then be taken to Gym 3 to be assigned your Form Class. An orientation day will follow and you will be released at 3pm. 

Thursday 31 January
All School 

This is Day One of classes for all students. Students should be in their form class for 8.45am.