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Westlake Winners

Ten medals at Auckland Swimming Championships

The Auckland Secondary Schools Champion of Champions Swimming competition was held at the Westwave Aquatic Centre in early April. A total of 20 Westlake students qualified from the Zone Championships to attend. The Westlake swimmers performed extremely well, winning 10 medals in total, two Gold, four Silver and four Bronze. The individual event medal winners were: Zoe Crawford (Year 9) = Silver Medal in the  Junior 50m Freestyle, Erika Paterson (Year 9) = Silver in the Junior 50m Breaststroke and Chloe Seaman (Year 11) = Bronze medal in the Intermediate 50m Backstroke.

The other seven medals came from the Westlake relay teams. Those results are: Gold Medal in the  Junior 200m Freestyle Relay (Doyoun Kim, Keira Conboy, Safra Wohlfarth & Zoe Crawford), Gold medal in the Junior 200m Medley Relay (Savannah-Eve Martin, Erika Paterson, Keira Conboy & Zoe Crawford), Silver medal in the Junior 200m Breaststroke Relay (Doyoun Kim, Alice Ryan, Lena Hamblyn-Ough & Erika Paterson), Silver medal in the Intermediate 200m Breaststroke Relay (Neve Cusens, Cassidy Coldicott, Ella Warena-Green & Mea van Rooyen), Bronze medal in the Intermediate 200m Medley Relay (Chloe Seaman, Ella Warena-Green, Mea van Rooyen & Jelani Wetzell), Bronze medal in the Open 200m Butterfly Relay (Gabriella Halili, Chloe Seaman, Jelani Wetzell & Mea van Rooyen) and Bronze medal in the Open 200m Backstroke Relay (Zoe Crawford, Isabella Halili, Savannah-Eve Martin & Chloe Seaman).