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Strike and late start information

We have been notified that the PPTA planned strike action for Monday 17 June is not proceeding, and as such it will be a Day 2 timetable for all students at Westlake Girls High School. We have not received notification about the remaining planned strike days (25 June for Year 11 and 2 July for Year 12), and will pass on information as it becomes available to us.

As you are aware, the school allows teachers a small amount of time (about two days each term) to undertake Professional Development relating to improving teaching, learning and student outcomes. The second of the two allocated days for this later start this term is on Thursday 20 June 2019. Students will begin the day at 10.05am and go straight to Period 2. There will be no form time or Period 1 on that day. 

As most morning school buses are shared services with other schools, school buses will still run to their usual morning times.