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Measles information

There has been some mis-information circulating the school today around the measles and NCEA exams.

To clarify and reassure: there are currently no students or staff who have measles at Westlake Girls High School. We are advising students to be vigilant and visit their doctor if they have any symptoms or concerns. Because we have not had an outbreak of measles, our school is operating as per usual and all students are expected to be present. The only students who are at risk of catching the measles are those who have not been vaccinated. We have asked students to check with their parents regarding this.


There has also been a false rumour circulating today that the November NZQA examinations have been cancelled due to the measles outbreak in Auckland. Again, this is not true – they will be held as scheduled. In the unlikely scenario of an ‘unexpected event’ in November (e.g. serious illness, hospitalisation, bereavement of close family member or natural disaster) there are measures in place for students to receive a representative grade. 

If the unexpected event affects just one student (like a bereavement of close family member), they are able to apply for a derived grade and will need to supply evidence regarding the unexpected event. However, if the unexpected event affects a group of students (like a natural disaster or outbreak), the school will manage the application for all the grades.

Wednesday March 29th - PPTA Industrial Action

The PPTA have advised that Wednesday March 29th has been scheduled as a second day for industrial action for secondary school teachers. With a number of staff away, we will be unable to open for instruction on Wednesday 29th March. We understand that this is short notice and appreciate the difficulties this will place on you. However, it is vital that we support our teachers in their claim to show the government how important they are to us.