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Keep in touch with the Learning Enhancement Team

By Mrs Clouston on behalf of the Learning Enhancement Team

Welcome back to Term 2

The Learning Enhancement Team will be working alongside other staff and teachers to make sure you are supported in these incredibly different and unforeseen times.

Firstly, the counsellors are still available during school hours and we welcome your contact to confidently listen to your thoughts and concerns and plan with you a way forward.

To make contact we would like to you to text us first to set up a time to ring you back – we all have new school phones for this, We are all still available by school email as well. You may have noticed this information is on the school website and in an email that Mrs Stanley sent yesterday. I have listed those numbers and contact details again below to make it easy for you to find:

Mrs Linda Clouston          0273818379  or

Mrs Fleur Piper                 0273804578 or                                

Mrs Siew Lee Foo             0273811323  or

Mrs Barbara Mackay       0273814294 or


There are also some basic recommendations that you have likely heard from several sources:

make connections with people by contacting them each day (this is when social media is really handy)

share your worries with someone

set yourself realistic goals around schoolwork and know how to get help if you need it

get exercise in the fresh air

do something meaningful for you every day

In this piece form the Learning Enhancement team there are suggested sites that might be helpful to you. Remember we will come out of this very unusual time and things will get better for you.


Learning Support

Learning Support continues to find creative ways to help students while they are working from home. Some of the ways we have been doing this are by;

  • Talking or sharing work through Zoom or Google Hangouts
  • Through google classroom
  • By phone or email

If you already have regular teacher aide support then contact the teacher aide that works with you directly during any time in the school day. If you don’t have regular help and you are not sure how to get started on some class work or how to understand what a question might be asking you or you just need some extra help you are welcome to email Mrs. Mulcahy at . I will organise one of our lovely team to get in touch : )

If you would like to talk further about any concerns you have around your learning you may email me via the WGHS App under Learning Support.

All the best with putting some good routines in place around when you start, when you take a break and where you work from. It’s a good idea to talk to someone at home about this and make a plan together. Good luck,  have fun and remember all of us at WGHS are here to help.