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Early Finish Tuesday 21 July

On Tuesday 21 July, our school is holding its annual Open Night for potential students and their parents. The timetable for our current students will be slightly different to accommodate set-up. The day will finish at 2.20pm. There will be no form time. Each teaching period will be 5min shorter and lunchtime is 10min shorter. Please note that school buses will be running to their normal schedule.

8.45am:    Period 1 warning bell

8.50am:    Start of Period 1

9.45am:    Start of Period 2

10.40am:  Start of interval

11.00am:  End of interval warning bell

11.05am:  Start of Period 3

11.55am:  Start of lunchtime

12.30pm:  End of lunchtime warning bell

12.35pm:  Start of Period 4

1.25pm:    Start of Period 5

2.20pm:    End of school