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Starting back information for 8 March 2021

Once again, this week will be about reconnecting and understanding where our students are at, academically and emotionally.

Here are a few reminders as we move back into Level 2.

Masks are required on public transport (but not school buses) and your daughter is very welcome to wear a mask at school, although this is not a requirement.

Public buses will have distancing restrictions which means lower loading limits under Alert Level 2. Students will need to take this into account and have options for getting to and from school if they use a public bus.

School buses have no distancing requirements and will operate as usual.

Please remember that all bus stops and stations are public spaces, so social distancing requirements have to be followed.

School trips and sporting events
We are aware that several school trips and sporting events were affected by this week’s lockdown. We will endeavour to reschedule as many as we can, however we know from last year that, while disappointing, this isn’t always possible. Your daughter’s teacher or coach will provide more details as they become available.

Operating at Level 2
We are becoming quite familiar with this routine now, and our school is ready for our students return on Monday.

There is hand sanitizer in all classrooms, however we do recommend your daughter brings her own. Teachers will be encouraging good hygiene, including hand washing whenever possible.

During Level 2, no students will be permitted off-site during morning tea or lunchtime, except if they have an appointment. This only affects our Year 13 students who are the only students allowed off site during those times.

If Year 13s have a study period during Period 5 and wish to leave school early, they need to sign out using the form on our App and website (under Student Services). When this happens, an alert will be sent to their Form Teacher for tracking purposes.

Our canteen will be open from Monday for lunch and snacks. We do ask you to encourage your daughter not to share food or drink.

If you come onto the school grounds, you must come into the office to scan the QR code and sign the contact register, including if you are dropping something off to your daughter during the day. While Alert Level 2 is operating, our preference is for you to avoid coming into the school unless it is absolutely necessary.

Second-Hand Uniform Shop
Because we are trying to limit the number of visitors to our school under Alert Level 2, our Second-Hand Uniform Shop will not be open until Alert Level 1.