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Open Night change of timetable for students

Change of timetable for Tuesday 27 July

The first Tuesday of Term 3 is Open Night where the students and families of prospective Y9 2022 tour the school. To get the school ready for this event, there is a shortened day and bell time changes. The day will finish at 2.20pm for students. There will be no Form Time, each teaching period is about 5min shorter and lunchtime is 10min shorter. The bell times are listed below.

BELL TIMES: Tuesday 27 July (Timetable Day 7):

8.45am: Period 1 warning bell
8.50am: Start of Period 1
9.45am: End of Period 1, start of Period 2
10.40am: End of Period 2, start of interval
11.00am: End of interval warning bell
11.05am: Start of Period 3
11.55am: End of Period 3, start of lunchtime
12.30pm: End of lunchtime warning bell
12.35pm: Start of Period 4
1.25pm: End of Period 4, start of Period 5
2.20pm: End of Period 5