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Meet our 2022 Student Rep Nominees for our Board


Two years ago was the beginning of a new chapter in my life – high school. It was only two years ago, yet the memories of walking into the sisterhood with the bold crimson red blazer and forming new chains of opportunities have become vivid in my heart and mind. However, throughout these two years, I have learnt two primary lessons. Lesson 1:  our modern world has no set definition for what teenage is, and similar to that, Lesson 2; there is no set definition of what change is and should reflect. 

Over these two incredible years at Westlake Girls, we have accomplished much together, from recently welcoming our grand Event Centre, to fostering united diversity in bringing school trousers into the uniform system. I was sure that I wanted to contribute and work as a team to grow such change. However, I realised that yes, I have ideas, but in my belief, this role of Board Student Rep is not about I; it is about “us” and what we will do as a team.

Through my schooling journey, service activities in House student and service councils, Rotary Interact, Amnesty Leader and 40hr-Famine Committee, alongside sporting opportunities in badminton and swimming, have been tremendous pillars in my development as a team player and leader. It enlightened me to recognise the significance of hard work while encouraging, inspiring, and motivating my teammates to strive to their best. We all, as individuals, have an essential role that can enhance our whanau, our team.

There is more to this role than leadership, it is the strength of our communities’ collaboration, and our vision helps our Westlake whānau grow in our unity and succeed towards impactful change. The lessons from past leaders have genuinely shared the idea that leadership can translate vision into reality. So our visions as a whanau should be simple; Ma tīni, ma mano, ke rapa te whai– Many hands make light work, unity is strength. 

I cannot make promises to be the perfect representative; however, I can promise that I can be a supportive friend who has her arms open for comfort and an open mindset for all ideas that can boost our journey here at Westlake Girls. A vote for me is a vote for you, and all our votes will foster our unity and, most of all, strengthen our change. 


Hi! My name is Sydney Brandolino! I’m a Year 12 from Wairau House who’s passionate about change and committed to improving and contributing to the WGHS community. I run clubs such as Diversity and Philosophy and am the Editor-In-Chief of the school’s Parallax Literary Journal. I’ve also been involved in extracurriculars such as Language Council, Buddy Reading, Debating, UNICEF at Westlake, Wairau Service Committee, Student Librarians, and Peace Week Organisation.

Ever since Year 9 I’ve been determined to do everything that I can to help better the school and its incredible group of students. As your Board representative I’ll provide a start for change and a platform for student voice. I want each and every one of you to feel that you have a say and can make a difference. Let’s create change today for a better tomorrow!


Hello there, everyone. My name is Mishal Gillani, and I am a Wairau House Year 13 student. To begin, I arrived in Westlake in Year 11, which was my first time in New Zealand. I lived in Saudi Arabia before moving to New Zealand. When I started Year 11 at Westlake and looked at my timetable for the first time, I had no idea what Day 1 and Form Time meant. The Dean then led me to my first Form Class, where I generally sat quietly and avoided eye contact. I had no idea where I was supposed to go following my Form Class. I had no idea where to look for B and C Blocks. But I asked someone and eventually found my way there. 

Everyone in the class was told to join Google Classroom by the teacher. Then I had no idea what Google Classroom was. I looked for it and eventually discovered it. I had no idea how to join the class because I had never studied on a laptop before. So then my Food Technology teacher told me how to use it. When I didn’t know how to use Google Docs, a girl seated next to me showed me how. And I am grateful to everyone who assisted me. Now I want to assist all of the new students who are going through the same transition I did.

This year, I’ve been involved in a variety of activities, and I’m the leader of an Environmental Group. I’m also a member of the Amnesty International Club and I’m attending a gateway workshop. All of these activities keep me occupied, therefore I’d say that Year 13 is my finest senior year. 

I’ve prepared a ton of stuff for this leadership position.  I am an international student who is bilingual and from a diverse culture, making it easy for me to communicate with students from other cultures. I’ll also assist you with cultural diversity. First, I’m going to go around at lunchtime and ask all students if they need anything, if they’re having trouble coping with something. I’m here to assist.  I swear to you that I will assist you in obtaining a better environment and a new change. A vote in my favour is a vote in favour of humanity. I will always speak up for the truth and work to bring Westlake Girls together. 

Thank You, Tēnā koe,  謝謝,  धन्यवाद,  Merci,  شكرا لكم,  감사합니다,  ধন্যবাদ, آپکا شکریہ , Gracias , Grazie, Danke, Teşekkürler


Hi, my name is Jappan Kaur.

I have been involved in many extracurriculars, sports and academic achievements at Westlake (list below).  I am determined to make a change in our school. Change is something we all want but we don’t really know how to achieve it. We all have our problems with the school facilities like expensive tuck shop prices, not enough cultural appreciation, short morning teas and so on. But all we end up doing is ranting to our friends about those problems. I’m sorry to tell you but that isn’t going to make any difference nor progress.

So, I’m here to tell you the one step easy way to make a change and that is voting for the right person for the job of Student Representative. The Board are the ones who can actually make a change. I will take your problems to the Board so real change can happen.  I am ready to make a change, are you? If so, tick the box near my name. Don’t let your voice and vote go to waste. A vote for Jappan, is a vote for Change. Hope that you choose wisely!

Extracurriculars, Sports and Academic Achievements:

Model United Nations 2021 Pupuke Service Committee 2020 Language Week Participant 2020
Junior Open Debating 2021 Pupuke Student Council 2020 WaiCare Water Testing 2020
Tennis North Harbour Term 1 2020 STEAM Makers Club 2021 Neuroscience Club 2021
Tennis North Harbour Term 4 2020 Peace Week Committee 2021 2020 BoT Nominee
Inter-Class Table Tennis 2020 Amnesty International 2021 CYGNET 2020/2021
Enviro Group 2020/2021 40-Hour Famine 2020/2021 Swimming Sports 2020
Chess Club 2020 Maths Enrichment 2021 Parallax Submission 2020
Rubik’s Club 2020 English Enrichment 2021 French Club 2020
Spotlight Speeches 2021 Social Studies Enrichment 2021 Astronomy 2020
Senior Tennis Team Term 1 2021 Science Enrichment 2021 Citizenship Award 2020
Academic Excellence 2020 Student Librarian 2021 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh 2021

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this 🙂


Hello, Kia Ora,  你好Ni Hao

My name is Kate Liu, I’m a Year 12 Wairau student.

My goal for the student representative on the Board for 2022 is to hear everyone’s voices.

To think holistically about our mistakes and therefore get the most out of them for our students’ future.



I’m Mackenzie Wills a Year 12 student and I want to be your student representative for 2022.

I am involved in many music and theatre groups around the school such as Cantare and Chorolation choir and various productions in and out of school. My passion for the performing arts is what has made my time at Westlake so memorable.

As your student representative, I want your passions and thoughts to be appreciated. I want to create a school environment where you feel safe and can enjoy. As your student representative I will listen to you and what you want, because it is up to you what you think is important and as your representative, it would be up to me to make it happen.

It would be my goal to be available and accessible to you to make sure all of your voices are heard.