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2023/24 Board of Trustees Student Representative Candidates

We have four outstanding candidates for Student Representative on our Board of Trustees. Here are their candidate profiles, listed alphabetically by surname.

Jappan Kaur

Hi, I’m Jappan Kaur, a Year 12 student who is involved in an array of extracurriculars and sports.

You and I both want change in our school, whether it be big or small. Better bathrooms, better heating in classrooms, longer morning teas, potentially a hoodie in the school uniform, cheaper or better tuckshop, more cultural and gender appreciation, more mufti days, newer classes (we all know the old A block is a bit too old). Well, you name it, I got it.

We all want change in our school but all we do is rant to our friends about those problems. I’m sorry to tell you but that isn’t going to make any difference nor progress.

So I’m here to tell you the one step easy way that you can make a change and that is voting for the right person for the job of Student representative. The Board of Trustees are the ones who can actually make a change. I will take your problems to the Board so real change can happen. Over the past year, I’ve been privileged to learn how the Board functions and most importantly communicate the best interest of the students to the Board of Trustees.

I’m ready to make a change, are you? If so, tick the box near my name. Don’t let your voice and vote go to waste. A vote for Jappan is a vote for progress. Hope that you choose wisely!

Helianth Nguyen

My name is Helianth Nguyen, otherwise known as Heli. I am a senior student and you might know me as the founder of the Westlake Girls Volunteer Club, a leader of Kaitiaki, part of the Student Council, member of my House’s Service Committee or from other extracurriculars. If not, I hope we can meet and form great acquaintances in the future!

I am nominating myself into this role because I want to make certain changes in favour of the students, partially based on my past experiences. Before becoming a proud Westlake Girls student, I had attended two other high schools in New Zealand (with each of them holding vast differences in their school environment) and I took note of each school’s flaws and flaunts. It is to my best interest that I can help improve Westlake Girls whānau’ well-being using what I have learned from other schools over the years including: special events, students’ demands and needs, leadership issues and to an extent, the overall operative system.

Even if the issue involves needing a new, nice and functional microwave, a book-giveaway raffle or an extra yet meaningful non-uniform event, I assure you, as far as my former schooling goes, the list doesn’t end. But next year, making the list shorter is what I’ll do and those changes, they will last.

I strongly believe that students are the spirit of our school, young people who should be cared for and be provided with not only what is necessary but also what could give them joy and comfort. I will make sure students’ immediate issues are tended to as soon as possible and will make decisions influenced by our collective benefits.

It will be my utmost pleasure to receive your support. In return, I will strive to support you with all I have.

Amira Shafiq

Kia Ora Westlake! I am Amira Shafiq from 12 WBR, and this year I am honoured to be a candidate for the Student Representative Election.

I am someone who enjoys being involved with the schoolcommunity with over 30+ extracurricular activities including being a Librarian Leader, Amnesty Leader, 40 Hour Challenge Leaders Committee, UNICEF Events, Student Council, Cultural and Service Committee as well as many more. I love listening to people and ensuring that all the people around me have their opinion heard. I have a passion for public speaking and will not hesitate to speak on behalf of others to express the needs and wants of the students at Westlake.

I also pride myself in making informed, logical decisions while encouraging others to showcase their creativity in the form of ideas and discussions. I understand that this role is significant and requires a motivated and passionate individual who brings the students of Westlake together. By choosing me as the Student Representative, I can guarantee that the Westlake Student Community will be offered more opportunities to express the changes they wish to see in the school, as I will try my utmost to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard. I strive to be a reliable and understanding person as I want to create a comfortable environment for
students of all ages where they are respected and able to express their thoughts as well as provide me with any ideas they may have to share.

If you want your voice to be heard, then a Vote for Me is a Vote for You!

Mariam Bsaiso

Wanting to change is a goal we all have in common. This is why I want to hear your ideas of how we can change Westlake Girls to a better place where we can all fit in.

Hi my name is  Mariam Bsaiso and I’m from 9ply. This year I have participated in the cultural committee, Pupuke service committee as well as netball, volleyball and badminton.
For me, building an environment where we can all fit in, no matter what our race, nationality, language or gender is, is a main factor we need in our lives. We all want to change in different ways. And this is the purpose of why I chose to participate as a student representative. So we can fix the issues we face, such as better bathrooms, cheaper tuckshop, more mufti days and longer intervals. For example I think we should have a late start twice a week instead of just Wednesdays. All these things matter for me and you, all you have to do is say your problems and leave the rest to me. Change = a vote for Mariam