Westlake Winners

U19 Lifesaving World Champs

Congratulations to Zoe Crawford who helped the New Zealand to Silver at the U19 Lifesaving World Championships. 

Held in Italy, the Kiwis came second out of 56 countries competing. 

Zoe’s results were: 

  • SILVER – 100 Manikin Tow – NZ Record – They dive in with fins on & collect the manikin waiting at the end & tow him home.
  • SILVER – 200 Super Lifesaver – Smashed NZ Record by 4 seconds. They swim first 50m with no fins, turn around and swim half way to collect a 65kg manikin off the ground and take it to the end. Competitors then collect a tube and fins and swim 50m and collect a second manikin and tow it home. 
  • SILVER – Rescue Tube Rescue -​ The first athlete swims to buoy and the second athlete (Zoe) runs in with tube and fins and tows them home. Once they reach shore the athlete is dragged over the line by two more athletes.
  • 4th – 100 Manikin Carry
  • 7th – Surf Race
  • 9th – 200 Obstacles
  • 4th – 4 x 50 Obstacle Relay
  • 4th – 4 x 50 Medley Relay
  • 7th – 4 x Lifesaver Relay
  • 6th – 4 x 25 Manikin Relay