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Westlake Winners

Senior Award Winners 2022

Congratulations to our Senior School Award Winners! 

Read the full list of Special and Academic Award Winners here.

View the awards photo gallery here.

Supreme Awards

Ella Wilson DUX
Kate Mole Prowse Cup
Nikka Caraig Elise Bradley Cup
Mackenzie Chatfield Philips Cup
Ivy Mitchell Jeffery’s Cup
Krisha Lad International Student of the Year

Sports Awards

Read the full list of Sports Awards Winners:

View the Sports Awards photo gallery here.

Zoe Crawford Sportswoman of the Year
Premier Basketball Team of the Year
Holly Williams Sporting All Rounder of the Year
Emma Schroeder Junior Sportswoman of the Year
Zoe Crawford International Performance of the Year
Bronwen Davidson Coach of the Year
Holly Isherwood Student Coach of the Year
Courtney Day Student Official of the Year
Nela Fotu Volunteer of the Year
Kathleen Beckett Staff Recognition Award

Music Awards

Read the full list of Music Award Winners here.