Westlake Girls attended its first Maadi Cup in 1983, with the  Westlake Girls rowing society established in 1990. Now in its  35th season, Westlake Girls rowing has developed a proud  history of success in the sports premier events.

Westlake Girls has won the Dawn Cup (Girls U18 4+) four  times since it was introduced in 1980 (second only on the  victory count to Rangi Ruru Girls School which has won the  event 14 times). Most recently WGHS lifted the  trophy  in  2014 (alongside victories in 2002, 1990 and 1989).

Westlake Girls is one of only 10 schools to have  won  the  Levin Jubilee Cup (Girls U18 8+) since its introduction to the  Maadi event programme in 1981, winning the event  in  1989 and  1990. In more recent times Westlake has come  close to lifting the trophy, finishing second in the event in  2010 and 2014.

Maadi Cup 2022 marks the first time in over 20 years Westlake Girls Rowing made the A final in all three u18 sweeping events. Most importantly it was the first time in 7 years our u188 has returned to A final of the premier race on the girls program. In an incredible race late Saturday afternoon our crew finished a hugely impressive fourth behind South Island power houses Rangi Ruru & St Margrets.

Our rowers, past and present, have also  gone  on  to  represent New Zealand on the international stage. Most recently current year 13 student Sofia Greenhalgh has been selected for the 2022 NZU19 team to compete in Varese, Italy in June 2022. Other recent Westlake international representatives include Leah Stanley (NZU23 2010, 2009) team, Amber Fordham (NZU21, 2016, 2015), Holly Gray (NZU21 2019), Sophie Egnot-Johnson (NZ U19 2018, NZU21 2019, NZU23 2022).

Rowing is advertised at Westlake Girls early in Term 2 each year, our returning rowers begin winter training for the sport in late May early July each year. We offer a Learn to Row programne from June to September each year, this is available to all Year 9-12 students who are interested. This programme teaches students the basics of the rowing stroke and gives them an introduction to the sport, at the completion of the programme students will apply to be selected for the summer rowing season. Selection is based on a mix of physical ability, attitude and commitment to the programme, those successful will be welcomes to our summer Novice (first year rowers) programme in September.

What can you expect from rowing

Rowing is a unique high intensity sport, and perhaps the ultimate team sport.  This means that the girls work together and support each other.  While it is important that the girls enjoy their rowing, we also expect them to work hard, be committed and have a good attitude towards each other. The competitive summer rowing season runs from September to March or April depending on the timing of the final regatta for the season (Maadi Cup). Winter training begins late May early June each year, this training is optional and winter commitments take priority through to the end of winter sport. Once winter sport is complete the number of training sessions steadily increase from September to March in preparation for the North Island Secondary Schools Championships (NISS) and for selected girls, the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships (Maadi Cup Regatta).

For parents, the sport of rowing is also quite demanding, but can be extremely fulfilling.  You can expect to be a taxi driver, help out at events and assist in fundraising. Further, the demands of rowing  provide healthy challenges to your daughter, so they may need some guidance to become self-reliant in an intense sporting environment.  As a parent you will also become a member of a much larger family and develop new friendships with other parents.

We have a Facebook page for past and present rowers, and all friends of Westlake Rowing. You can find it HERE.

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