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Water Polo

Water Polo is an exciting, fast paced and an energetic sport that’s not only fun to play but also exciting to watch. Water Polo is one of the most physically demanding sports where players use every muscle in their body to stay above the water while trying to out manoeuvre the opposition. .. It’s like basketball in the pool. Water Polo is an excellent team sport with loads of opportunities to play in both school and club competitions.

Westlake Girls Senior competition is played in Term 1 with trials for the Premier team occurring in November or December of the previous year. The top team trains through the Christmas holidays then begins competition matches at the end of January.

The Junior teams trial in Term 1 and play throughout the year but their main competition is featured in Term 4.


Delfina Super City Secondary Schools Premier Water Polo Tournament – Friday 26 to Monday 29 January – Various Auckland School pools
Senior Harbour & Auckland Competition – Term 1 – Various Auckland School pools
North Island Secondary Schools Senior Water Polo Championships Division 1 – Auckland – Thursday 21 March to Sunday 24 March
North Island Secondary Schools Senior Water Polo Championships Division 2 – Thursday 21 March to Sunday 24 March – Hamilton
New Zealand Secondary Schools Premier Championships – Division 1 – Wellington – Saturday 13 April – Tuesday 16 April
Junior Water Polo Harbour Competition – Term 2 & 3 – Various Auckland Schools
Junior Water Polo Harbour & Auckland Competition Term 4 – various Auckland Schools
Junior North Island Secondary Schools Junior Water Polo Cup – Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 November – Various Auckland Schools

2024 TRIALS:

Junior Trials – Wednesdays 14 Feb – 6 March – 4.30pm – 5.30pm – AUT Millennium
Senior Water Polo Trials – Term 4 – NAC


Premier – $350.00
Senior B – $150.00
Junior A (Term 1 ) – $80
Junior A (Term 2) – $260
Junior A (Term 3) – $125
Junior A (Term 4) – $235
WGHS Water polo Togs – NZ$100
WGHS Swimming Togs – NZ$10


For more information, or to register for this activity, please go to “CLIPBOARD”. It is a NEW platform to view All Westlake Girls Sports and it is located on the Student and Parent Portals or just contact the Water Polo Manager.

Water Polo Contact:
Liz O’Leary – Sport Manager
P: 09 489 4169 Ext 713

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