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Student wins Supreme Hokonui Fashion Award

As part of her work in senior Fabric Technology, Chantelle Reilly (Year 12) made a complete men’s outfit (jacket, waistcoat and trousers) out of recycled materials, The outer of the garment was recycled coffee sacks, they were fully lined with old sheets, the waistcoat buttons old beer bottle caps and the trouser belt an old bike inner tube. The workmanship was outstanding and intricate designs were itched onto the back of the waist coat and jacket. Chantelle had this garment accepted as an entry into the prestigious Hokonui Fashion Design Awards and won her category for recycled garments. Chantelle was also awarded the Supreme High School Award, the Bernina Award of Excellence. Pictured are Chantelle with the model wearing the garment at the Hokonui competition and a further picture of a model wearing the outfit for the original award entry process.