Westlake Winners

Student selected as Youth Member of Parliament

Each year to improve students understanding and interest in Government and political processes, every Member of Parliament gets to select a student as their Youth Member of Parliament (MP). The students attended events with the Member of Parliament, they worth with them to explain Government processes, how Laws are made and passed and to show what the various roles those voted in as elected Representatives do.  To select her Youth MP, our local Member of Parliament, the Honourable Maggie Barry asked students from the secondary schools in her North Shore electorate to write an essay relating to politics and from these she selected her Youth MP. From all the applicants, Tayla Woolley (Year 12) has been selected as the Youth MP for North Shore.

Wednesday March 29th - PPTA Industrial Action

The PPTA have advised that Wednesday March 29th has been scheduled as a second day for industrial action for secondary school teachers. With a number of staff away, we will be unable to open for instruction on Wednesday 29th March. We understand that this is short notice and appreciate the difficulties this will place on you. However, it is vital that we support our teachers in their claim to show the government how important they are to us.