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Westlake Winners

Three awards at the Model United Nations Assembly

The Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) forum was held at Auckland Girls Grammar School in mid-May.

As well as a full Media Team of 11 students, Westlake Girls was allowed to send four teams of three students representing countries that were balloted to them. Westlake teams represented Samoa, Trinidad & Tobago, South Sudan and Poland. The teams dress in the attire of their given country and then carry out all the functions that the country does at a real United Nations Assembly.

Teams had to speak about and table remits, lobby other countries to support their remits and oppose remits they could not support. The events ran over two days and the Westlake teams all did a great job. The group running the MUNA event gave out nine Awards at the end of the event and Westlake Girls teams won three of these. The Trinidad & Tobago Team won the Award for the “Team with the Most Impressive Presentation”, the Samoan Team won the Award for “The Best Overall Team” and the Samoan Team also won the “MUNA Supreme Award”.