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Out-of-zone enrolment feedback survey

The Ministry of Education is currently reviewing the rules around out-of-zone enrolments into schools. They are currently consulting around the priority given to out-of-zone applicants, and what could change is the priority given to out-of-zone daughters of WGHS Alumni.

The current order of priority is:

  1. Students accepted into a special programme run by the school
  2. Siblings of current students
  3. Siblings of former students
  4. Children of former students
  5. Children of board employees and board members
  6. All other students.

There are three possible options the Ministry of Education has proposed – and is now seeking feedback on.

  1. Status quo – leave the categories as outlined above.
  2. Increase the priority of children of board employees (teachers and other staff) and board members to priority three, lower the priority of siblings of former students, and remove the children of former students as a priority group.
  3. Retain current priority groups one and two, increase the priority of children of board members and employees to priority three, and hold an open ballot for all other applicants.

As a school that highly values our Alumni community, we believe that Number 1 (status quo) is the only viable option to continue building our strong family connections, and for children of our past students who live out-of-zone, to have the best opportunity of joining our Westlake whānau.

We want to play our part in ensuring the current priority criteria remains. Please join us by selecting “Retaining the Status Quo” on the survey link below.

Consultation closes at midnight on Wednesday 16 June.

You can find the full consultation HERE and the on-line survey HERE

We appreciate your support as we strive to ensure the strong ties we are building with our Alumni community continue to grow.