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Information about Unexpected Event Grades (UEGs)

Here is some helpful information from NZQA about Unexpected Event Grades (UEGs) and how they work.

UEGs come into play if a student is unable to sit an NCEA exam in November due to a Covid-specific issue. These could include:

  • Isolating following medical or public health advice
  • Being at higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19 and not fully vaccinated
  • Experiencing significant personal or family-related anxiety about exposure to Covid-19
  • Having an illness or injury which in other situations would normally require a Derived Grade.

In these situations, the UEG calculation will be applied automatically, and students will receive the higher of either the grade they earn in the exam, or the UEG submitted by our school, based on standard-specific evidence gathered during the year. Students who cannot attend the exam will receive the UEG. If our school is unable to provide a grade to NZQA, only the actual grade achieved on a student’s exam can be awarded.

The Government’s intention is not for exams to be seen by students as optional, but to give students comfort that they will be able to receive a grade if there is a specific Covid-19 reason that means they can’t attend an exam.

Summary points from NZQA for students in Auckland

UEGs are available for students attending any school during Term 4 at Covid Level 3.
School do not need to apply for these UEGs. They will automatically be applied to students enrolled at eligible schools (WGHS included).

Students are expected to sit exams unless they are unable to do so, due to a Covid-related reason. This reason could include themselves, their household or their school.

We will award students the better grade of their UEG or exam grade.

You can read details released by NZQA on their website: