Westlake Winners

Rowers win multiple medals and Top Girls School trophy

The Secondary Schools Head of the Harbour Rowing Regatta was held towards the end of February and the Westlake girls rowing squad performed very well. We won the Top Girls School Trophy (for overall points) for the second year in a row and the rowing crews came away with a total of 17 medals (9 Gold, 2 Silver and 6 Bronze) with 10 medals from Division One finals and 7 medals from Division 2 Finals.

The crews that won Division 1 medals were: U15 Coxed Quad Sculls – Silver medal (Hollie Marshman, Arabella Hope, Lucy Tomlinson, Kate Staines, Jamie Whittaker). U16 Single Sculls – Bronze medal (Sylvia Leadley). U16 Coxed Quad Sculls – Gold medal (Nyla Bunyan, Sylvia Leadley, Devon Thorpe, Arabella Hope and Jamie Whittaker). U17 Coxed Quad Sculls – Bronze medal (Taylor Morrison, Maren Howarth, Lily Gholam Hosseini, Ella Rogers and Lucy Schaaf). U17 Coxed Eight – Bronze medal (Taylor Morrison, Maren Howarth, Nadine Billing, Olivia Swann, Lily Gholam Hosseini, Andi Hey, Ella Rogers, Sammy Garrett-Dalton and Paige Stevenson). U18 Single Sculls – Gold medal (Sophie Egnot-Johnson). U18 Double Sculls – Gold medal (Sophie Egnot-Johnson and Andrea Fick). U18 Pair – Silver medal (Andrea Fick, Hannah Retimana). U18 Coxed Quad Sculls – Bronze medal (Andrea Fick, Sophie Egnot-Johnson, Hannah Retimana, Courtney Katterns and Lucy Schaaf ). U18 Coxed Eight – Bronze medal (Andrea Fick, Sophie Egnot-Johnson, Hannah Retimana, Courtney Katterns, Ella Rogers, Taylor Morrison, Nyla Bunyan, Maren Howarth and Lucy Schaaf).

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